A short little hike, with INCREDIBLE views 1  

A big thanks to my sister for telling us about this one. When her family hiked this back in May, they saw whales and you guys, I’m not surprised at all! The views at the top of this short hike are INCREDIBLE and there’s enough space for a ton of […]

Savory Low Carb Scones

I don’t know if you do this too…but I’m kind of assuming we all do this when we go to Costco. We have let’s say for example, 10 items on our list, but since the inventory is always changing, we feel the need to walk up and down each and […]

A Kid-Friendly Music Festival Experience

There’s nothing like sleeping with your kids in a tent under the stars. Everyone smells like a mix of campfire, marshmallows and dirt and it’s where a kid can just be a kid. Today I’m honored to welcome Shanti Hodges to NW Healthy Mama, in a sponsored post talking about […]

Kayaking in the NW 3

3 years ago, our family finally purchased something I’d been wanting for years….kayaks! Mostly, my husband and I used them when we went on dates. We’d strap them on the car, bring a picnic and we were set. Sometimes though, we’d bring the kids too and fast forwarding, our oldest […]

Gardening as a new Mama, a post from Seed and Sprout 2

Any ladies out there with young kids? Yeah, I thought so! How about any ladies with young kids, who are wanting to garden more? Yep! This post is for you! Please join me in warmly welcoming Megan, creator of Seed and Sprout to NW Healthy Mama. This lady is  such […]

Books, Pizza and Whales 2

Happy Friday, ya’ll! What are your plans for the weekend? Really, please share! We’re doing baseball, birthday parties, a MOPS dinner and hopefully some kayaking! But enough about that. Let’s talk about something more important, like books, pizza and whales! When we stayed on San Juan Island last month (which […]

Our Memorial Day Staycation

Well, maybe sometimes it’s not about having to go far. I’m sharing few words here and lots of photos because the kids are about to wake up and we have a big day ahead. But you guys….here’s the thing, first I must say thank you. Thank you so much for […]

5 Reasons to Hike Lake Serene This Summer

As I sit to write this, I’m guessing most of you have done this hike, but if not, please let me talk you into it. For a million reasons, you need a little Lake Serene in your life. There’s no question why this hike is so popular. For me, it’s […]

River Run Farm

We live in a very, very cool area you guys. Soak up all it has to offer….. the goodness of the people and the food. This guest post from Elizabeth at River Run Farm is simply stunning. When a bunch of (relatively) young farmers, work together towards a more just and ecological […]

A Bellingham Park with Something for Everyone

Settled in the heart of Bellingham, there’s a park with a trail system that offers something for EVERYONE and do I mean everyone? Yes, I mean everyone. Bring your bikes, your trail runners, your hikers, your people just looking for an easy walk, the dogs (on leash), a picnic, the kids…..there’s […]

A Must-Do Day Full of History on San Juan Island 2

While preparing for our recent trip to San Juan Island, it was a thrill for my husband to receive a book from his Mom, that they’d read together when he was a kid. Together as a family we read through the “Pig War” and got super excited to visit some […]

An In-Real-Life Garden Tour at Klesick Farm 1

Chances are, if you’re in the Seattle area, you’ve heard of Klesick Farm. Recently I sat down with Joelle, (Mama to 9 gorgeous kids) and over tea, she shared her story with me. What started as a daydream matured into what became their passion, profession, and life’s work. And here’s […]