Avocado Toast 2

It all started when a Melody and I went to Scout PNW after a conference at The Thompson. The server was super nice and told us that honestly, the toasts they serve are the best. So of course, I ordered the Avocado version. Boom! I was in love. So I […]

Short and Steep with Incredible Views: Welcome to Young Hill

We all know San Juan Island has great beaches, book stores and places to eat, but when was the last time you included a hike in your trip? Next time you’re visiting, give this short hike a try. The trail isn’t long, but it does go, up, up, up! You’ll find […]

Easy, Medium and Challenging Hikes for MomsNext

 Yesterday I sat down over coffee with a group of women with school-aged kids. The group is called MomsNext, which basically means it’s the next step up from MOPS.   I’d been asked to speak about getting outside with our families and so I started by sharing my own personal […]

Our Stay in Roche Harbor 1  

Pulling the kids out of school about an hour early, we drove to the Anacortes Ferry, hopped on and then sailed to San Juan Island, on one of the most beautiful sunny days. The ferry ride was just less than 1 1/2 hours, but we knew the kids would be […]

Books, books and books! 4

On my phone there’s a list of books I’ve read this year (because I’d totally forget) and books I want to read. Both lists are ever growing and today I’m happy (and a little nervous) to be sharing! Why nervous, you ask? Well, because book choices can be a kinda-sorta personal thing. […]

The Great Islands Cleanup 2

Now let’s be real for a moment- if you’re going to pick up garbage (which you totally should!) why not pick it up in one of the most gorgeous places on earth? And why not make a mini-vacation out of it? Come on! Doesn’t it sound fun? Today I’m sharing […]

Homesteading With Kids – Are We Crazy? 4

This girl. I have a story I’ve got to share with you guys about her. I met her for the first time at a MOPS regional conference (any other MOPS Moms out there???). When she walked in the room, I knew she looked familiar. Instagram! Haha! I poked my sister and […]

Urban Adventuring in Bike-Friendly Kent, WA 4

One of the best parts of running NW Healthy Mama, is sharing fun things to do and then hearing success stories from you guys! Everytime I get a sweet message about a hike you did, a restaurant you tried or an event you went to, it is so thrilling. Our […]

Refreshingly Honest 1  

As always, it is a great pleasure to be able to share products I truly love. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. Now let’s talk about something I’ve been loving lately! #HonestSustainabiliTEA #RefreshinglyHonest #ad Sit down […]

5 April Events You Can’t Miss

 Grab your calendars and settle in for a moment. There are a few events coming up that you won’t want to miss. There’s something for the music lover, the flower lover, the foodie, the creative and the family. What a wonderful area we live in, with so many fun. healthy […]

5 Things to Tell Yourself During a Hard Workout 1

I was in a TRX class yesterday and after completing all the circuits, we went into the “cardio” portion. “Okay, burpies for 30 seconds!” The first round wasn’t too bad. “Now jumping  jacks for 30 seconds!” “Now burpies for 30 seconds!” And they alternated until I thought I’d puke. During […]

Filling Their Love Tanks, By Learning Their Love Language

She was a mystery. A sweet girl, with a lot of sass, eager to learn, with a quick little temper. The best Mama to her baby dolls and the one least afraid of the scratching kitten. I couldn’t put my finger on her love language until I started noticing how […]

Apple Ginger Overnight Oats

Recently a fun box showed up at our door. Two boxes, actually. One was full of some of the BEST yogurt ever from Nancy’s and the other was filled with gorgeous raw juices of all flavors, from Genesis. Needless to say, I pondered. What could I create with these two wonderful […]

Top 3 Must Know Safety Tips When Fishing With Kids

Living in this incredible area, it’s a given that a lot of you go fishing as a family and if you don’t— you should! Today it’s an honor to have Adam Brown guest posting about safety while fishing with kids. Enjoy and be sure to share your photos on  Instagram […]