A Day at the Ice Caves  

 Big Four Ice Caves. You’ve probably been there, right? Or at least heard of it? You might have seen this place in the news, since time and time again, people go into this dangerous cave, when it’s posted everywhere NOT TO. But have you been there when the snow level is […]



Oh Christmas Tree! (Where we went this year)  

Friday night I sat at the computer with about 16 tabs open. Searching for a new tree farm to visit, I was completely torn. Each farm seemed great! How could I pick just one? In the past we’ve done everything from cut our tree from the National Forest, to visit […]

Lights of Christmas Tickets Giveaway! 35  

The refrigerator is full with Thanksgiving leftovers and as I type, my husband and son are wrapping white lights around the tree. The smell of fresh pine fills the air and boxes of Christmas decorations sit next to me, waiting to be used all over our home. But before I finish […]



Cranberry Bliss Bars 4

Waiting in the grocery store line last night, I started chatting with an elderly woman who was next in front of me. Really, it was rather rude of me because I had interrupted her when I overhead her mention one of my favorite stores to another gal in line. Before […]

Dinner Changes Everything {with a Giveaway!} 10

There’s this magical time that we all get every day : it’s called dinner. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be a fancy meal around a fancy table to have the magic. It could be pizza at the white picnic tables at Costco, or a quick meal standing […]



Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing Before Thanksgiving 10  

Today we found ourselves stalled in Target, oodling over the Christmas section. Wait, is oodling even a word? The computer says it’s not, but I say it is. When I say we were oodling, picture this- me and my 3 kids (none of us are quiet), ooooing and awwwwing over every […]

The Ultimate Christmas Road Trip Playlist 6

It was our first winter road trip since having a baby and I’ll never forget what we listened to as we crossed over from Seattle to Leavenworth. Driving slowly as the snow fell hard, Trans Siberian Orchestra seemed to drum along with each snowflake and if we’re being honest, I […]



Wreath Workshop with Twig and Vine Designs! 3

 UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming repsonse, we’ve added an additional event. Here are the links: 10am:https://www.facebook.com/events/1835596093391369/ 2pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/207210376349333/ Oh you guys!!! We are SO excited about this event and so happy to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag! Are you craving some wonderful girl time? We […]

Low Carb Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks

Oh cauliflower, we’re seeing it pop up ALL over as a healthier alternative, aren’t we? Cauliflower mashed potatoes, cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower alfredo sauce and cauliflower breadsticks—-just a few of the ways cauliflower is used in place of heavier foods. But is it really all that healthy?! Today I thought we’d […]



A Fall Oyster Dome Hike

Chances are if you’re Seattle or north…you’ve heard of Oyster Dome. Like me, you’ve probably done this hike a few times, too. When I scheduled this one with a group of friends, it was sort of a last resort hike. After doing this in the snow and on a few […]

8 Things to do the Day Before Your Hike 2

Getting ready to head out bright and early with a group of girlfriends in the morning. So ready to be out in the woods! Wow, it’s been too long! In the morning, I can either be really rushed, scatter brained and possibly forget important things or, I can be calm, […]



New Seasons Market, Seattle’s Newest Treasure 4

Recently this Mama of 3 little ones took her first solo rode-trip (ever!) to visit New Seasons Market in Portland. After featuring so many local farmers here on NW Healthy Mama, it was a dream come true to be in a store where the local grower/creator/small business owner is celebrated. […]

Mt. Rainier Railroad Polar Express Family 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway 64

Happy November!  Oh you guys! This giveaway has been planned for awhile and I am SO excited to finally be posting it! Surely you’ve seen the Mt.  Rainier Railroad Polar Express Train Ride events all over Facebook. How could you miss it when over 62,000 people are interested?! These events are […]



#PNW Lifestyle Photography 1

Here on NW Healthy Mama, we feel very honored to partner with some of the BEST companies the Northwest has to offer. We have only a limited amount of spots for advertising and you’ll find that those spots are filled with the most high quality, honest and talented people around. […]