What we feed our chickens- does it matter?

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hosted again this year and had a wonderful day with family. My goal this year was to have as much food as possible prepped in advance, so we wouldn’t be cooking up a storm after our guests arrived. I […]

Winter Wonderland in Burlington, WA!

As I sit here next to the tree, Christmas music playing in my headphones, I’m thinking about our December calendar and feeling so thankful for so many fun things to do with the kids. There’s a particular event I want to be sure to have you guys mark on your […]

Welcoming Picnic Season

Just a few hours ago, there was a beautiful picnic on our kitchen floor. It certainly wasn’t planned or fussy. Tea was spilled, crust wasn’t eaten, but it was beautifully perfect because it was laid back, sweet, and everything that matters was happening. Relationships. Fun. Memories being made. As I […]

Welcome to the #StrandGarden2018 1

Welcome to our garden! I realized I’ve been posting up a storm on Instagram about our new happy place, but I haven’t shared about it here yet. Just about 5 weeks ago, we embarked on the most wonderful journey building the garden we’ve always talked about. First we fenced the […]

Wild Kratts Live! at Paramount Theatre

For years now our 3 kids have loved watching Wild Kratts together and I’ve got to admit that because of this show, they tend to know a lot more about some animals than I do. I have so many good memories of them sitting on the couch together, all snuggled […]

Ready, Set, Migrate! Survive the Sound with Long Live the Kings

Because conservation in the Northwest is something I care a lot about, I’m excited to share about the Survive the Sound campaign. As a mom of a third grader, first grader and preschooler, I can imagine how fun it is for classrooms to follow along as salmon “race” in this […]

After 9 Years, I’ve Finally Figured Our Memory Keeping

Photo printing has hung over my head for years. I print photos from time to time for framing purposes, but I don’t have filled albums like I wish I did. With thousands of photos on both our computer and my phone, it’s overwhelmed me so badly that I’ve not even […]

My Kid’s Favorite Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins

It’s such a funny thing to observe how we’re such creators of habit. Lately this little darlin’ of mine has been loving watching The Pioneer Women and everyday after she’s done watching recorded episodes, she wants to cook. Well, of course she does, isn’t that how we all feel after […]

Running a Mile Everyday for a Year 1

She bakes cakes, gorgeous cookies, and one time in Safeway we bumped into each other and I’ll tell you what, she’s just as sweet (and gorgeous) in real life as you’d imagine! I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I saw Emily’s story, but it stopped me in […]


Have you ever dropped a bag off at the thrift store? Maybe posted something on the local Buy, Sell and Swap? How about Craigslist? For many of us, donating items is just a normal part of life. Recently I heard about a new app that let’s you #GiveItUpForFosterKids by selling […]

Keeping Those Healthy 2018 Goals: Meet Fresh Plate NW

Happy New Year, friends! If you’re like me you’re more than ready for a bit of a reset. December is great, but don’t you ever wish we could celebrate without getting wrapped up in all the sugar? Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you a […]