Our Building Story Q&A Part 2

I came to our property tonight to feed the chickens and I didn’t want to leave. My husband was home, feeding the kids dinner and I found myself wandering around, thinking, praying….feeling thankful. It’s been such a roller coaster. One minute I’m practically on the edge of bat-crazy from how […]

Eco-Friendly and Affordable School Lunch Container Picks 1  

There are SO many great options for affordable, eco-friendly school lunch options this year. I was totally geeking out while making this list. There are some incredible deals happening right now. Here are my top picks for lunch containers.  But first—coffee in this HydroFlask 20 oz is at the top […]

A Skagit Valley Date 1

Have you ever found yourself driving through Fir Island, admiring all the gorgeous barns and farm houses? Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved that drive. Saturday we took that drive, stopped to take a few barn photos (many of you might know I have a love for old barns!). […]

Kids Obstacle Challenge

I don’t know about you guys, but my kids are crazy over mud. Your kids, too? When I heard about the Kids Obstacle Challenge that’s coming to Issaquah, I couldn’t help but instantly want to go. This is the perfect thing for kids in this area! It’s outside, it’s healthy, […]

My Summer Truths, with a Chocolaty Giveaway! 9

Summer truths. What are they? I don’t know exactly, but I made a list on my phone the other night while I was cooking dinner and I thought I’d share. Since becoming a mom 8 1/2 years ago, each summer has had it’s very own flow. This summer, it’s our […]

Our Building Story, Part 1 with the first Q & A 6  

This post has been burning inside of me for awhile and as the walls start to go up, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share our story. Truth is, it’ll take more than one post because there’s nothing simple or straight forward about the building process. […]

Just Between Friends Sale with a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY! 6

Just yesterday, I was standing on our back deck with a friend, and we were both commenting on how fast the kids are growing and how they’re all due for larger clothes and shoes. Back to school shopping is right around the corner! Today I’m sharing with you a sale […]

Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens

One of the questions I’m most often asked about trails is……Can I bring my stroller? Often the answer is sorry, no. But today, it’s YES! Absolutely, yes! Bring the strollers, bring the kids, bring your Grandma, your dog, your picnic, your husband and your friends. This set of incredible boardwalks […]

My visit to Hayton Farms 4

Come with me to Fir Island for a moment, will you? First, do you even know where Fir Island is? It’s about an hour north of Seattle and if you’re headed out to Anacortes or LaConner, depending on the way you go, you’ll likely drive through it. For my family, […]

Your Perfect Saturday in Kent, WA

I say it all the time, but truly, one of the best parts of running NW Healthy Mama, is sharing fun things to do and then hearing success stories from you guys! Our area is so full of healthy family fun and NOW is the time to get out and […]

A short little hike, with INCREDIBLE views 2

A big thanks to my sister for telling us about this one. When her family hiked this back in May, they saw whales and you guys, I’m not surprised at all! The views at the top of this short hike are INCREDIBLE and there’s enough space for a ton of […]

Savory Low Carb Scones

I don’t know if you do this too…but I’m kind of assuming we all do this when we go to Costco. We have let’s say for example, 10 items on our list, but since the inventory is always changing, we feel the need to walk up and down each and […]