Waikiki Beach, WA 3

There’s something that comes alive in me when we discover new places that blow us away. This thing inside of me can’t keep wonderful spots to myself, or incredible people, companies or activities. If it makes my heart happy, I feel like I MUST share it and so today, that’s why […]



5 Things That Help Our Kids Stay Fueled For A Life Full Of Play

Walking along a trail with a good friend this weekend, during one of our ladies hikes, we started talking about our kids nutrition.  Stepping carefully over wet rocks and hoisting ourselves over down trees, we agreed how important it is for our kids to have great nutrition, but be able […]

How to Exercise With Your Kids

Today we’re happy to welcome Dan to the blog! Dan is an entrepreneur, husband and ultramarathon distance runner. He spends most of his time on runnerclick.com and he has been featured on runnerblogs all over the world. Dan is our first male guest poster so please give him a warm welcome! […]

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An Interview with RyAnn from Adventure Mamas

Today we are so happy to have RyAnn here with us on NW Healthy Mama! RyAnn is the new coordinator for the Seattle Area Adventure Mamas.  Read on to learn more about Adventure Mamas and RyAnn’s active life with 4 amazing kids!Welcome, RyAnn! Tell us about yourself! What does a […]

Strong as a Mother (Giveaway)  

  S T R O N G  A S  A  M O T H E R // For the woman who has brought life into the world; For the woman who nurtures it now. For the woman who makes a costume, a story, a project, a home, a family. For […]



NW Weekend Events for 8/13-8/14

Wow, there are a lot of incredible events happening this weekend! Here are a few things you don’t want to miss! Feel free to add your events (if you’re a business owner) or your family plans in the comments section below. Have a great weekend! Grab the people you love […]

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies 4

Breakfast cookies are the number one thing we bake together around here. They’re usually a one bowl recipe, they’re inexpensive to make, usually fairly healthy and super versatile, which makes them great for those times when I don’t want to grocery shop. If you can keep some old fashioned oats, coconut […]

Zucchini Chocolate Chip  Breakfast Cookies- Amazing!


A Delicious Monday Giveaway 7  

Below is a sponsored post, in partnership with Mom It Forward Blogger Network. As always these opinions are solely ours. We love our readers and promise to only share products and businesses with you that we truly believe in. Recently I asked a group of women why they want to be […]

The Way You Spend the First Hour of Your Day 6

They say the way you spend the first hour of your day will determine what the rest of your day will be like. For years I’ve believed this, but today once again, I was reminded how true it is. Before the sun came up, I was tiptoeing around the house, […]



Long Summer Days Book Giveaway 9

I woke up late today and before I even had coffee in me, loud children greeted me with way too many needs and messes. We skipped the gym, had a playdate that was cut short because of the rain and my wild children not being on their best behavior. Nap […]

Five Ways to Rekindle Your Motivation

These are the doldrums of summer. Things are feeling hot and sticky, the kids are bouncing off the walls and you’re a little tired. OK, maybe more than a little tired. You probably have lost most of your motivation to be healthy. Ready to workout? Nah. How about those fitness […]

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NW Weekend Events for 7/30 -7/31

There’s a lot of FREE FUN happening this weekend (and some things so wonderful they’re worth paying for, too)! Here are a few things you don’t want to miss! Feel free to add your events (if you’re a business owner) or your family plans in the comments section below. Have a great weekend! Grab the […]

Healthy Eating Made Easy with Chef by Request 1

Nutrition. It’s everything, isn’t it? We could take all the group fitness classes and hike all the mountains and we could still gain weight, if what’s going into our mouths isn’t good for us. We could  improve our heart health and increase our endurance by running daily, but if we came home […]


Photo credit: http://www.olympicpeninsula.org/things-to-do/extraordinary-shi-shi-beach

NW Favorites 1

New to the area? Looking for some fun places to camp, explore, dine or picnic? This post is for you, written by some of our most knowledgeable readers. We asked and you all answered! Here’s a collection of your NW Favorites! Be sure to pin this for later! From @Shawnauw “A […]