The Best and Hardest Parts About Running NW Healthy Mama  

Behind the scenes stuff. Gosh, how do you even sum it all up? How do you portray the real picture without having someone spend a day or a week with you? Tonight I’m going to try and sum up the best and worst parts of running NW Healthy Mama. For me, […]

Healthy and Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Soup

Next week our MOPS group is having “crock pot” day, so in search of the perfect Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe, I sat down at the computer.  Most of the recipes with 4 or 5 stars had condensed cheese in them. You know the stuff from the can? It’s not very […]

Taking Steps to Create a Peaceful Home 2  

It was a few days before Christmas and I was sitting around with the gals on my MOPS team. We were sharing either something good happening in our lives, or something that could use some improvement. A few gals spoke and my heart beat in my chest, knowing what needs improvement in […]

Western Washington Winter Day Trips 7

Whether you’re after snow, a great cup of coffee, a short family hike, a new playground to explore or a great restaurant, there’s so much fun to be had during winter in Western Washington. Don’t let these cold days keep you house-bound. Each of the ideas below feature great coffee, […]

Free Seattle-Area Classes To Jump Start a Healthy New Year

Seattle area girls! This post is for you. There are some FREE nutrition classes coming up that you’ll want to be part of. Looking to begin – and end – 2017 with healthier habits?  Check out the 4-week January Jumpstart series at New Seasons Market!  The last time I was in the […]

10 Things I Learned After Joining the Gym 3

Happy New Year, friends! This post has been sitting on my phone for a few months and seeing as it’s the most  popular time of year to join a gym, it seems like the most appropriate time to share my own story. It was almost exactly a year ago, and […]

Women From Around the NW Share Their 2017 Goals!

When I posted, asking for you all to share your 2017 goals, I knew they’d be great, but you guys are even WAY more fun than I anticipated! It shouldn’t be a surprise though….. We are all capable of so much and life can be so full of excitement! So here’s […]

My 2017 Live List 3

The house is quiet, except for the steady hum of the dishwasher. Through my earbuds, Lauren Daigle sings “Light of the World”. This song. This silence. Yessssss! Little moments like this are so life giving to me and friends, simple stuff like this is what I want to fill 2017 […]

Last Thoughts Before Christmas 2

Rewind with me to a few weeks ago. It was our first snow day and all of the kids had colds. Our youngest had been napping for only a short time when she walked out of her room with those sleepy rosy cheeks I can’t get enough of. Scooping her up, […]

My Favorite Hikes of 2016

Maybe it was the hike covered in wildflowers that we did when my sister was nearly ready to have her 4th baby, or the afternoon spent floating on Goat Lake. Or was it that time I short-notice asked if anyone would hike Sauk Mountain with me with me at sunset? […]

Chewy Molasses Cookies 1

I was starting to feel a tad guilty about sharing another sweet holiday recipe, then I remembered how many people requested this at the wreath workshop. No guilt here! This cookie recipe is a family favorite- one that was passed from my sister to me many years ago and now […]

Rosemary Orange Sugar Scrub 6

I don’t know about you guys, but there are certain people in my life I just couldn’t do without. For example—-the ladies in the childcare area at the gym. Oh bless their hearts! They are amazing and although I don’t even know all their names, it’s the perfect time of year […]

Decadently Rich Crockpot Hot Chocolate 2

Seems only fitting that as I sit down to write this, the first snow is on the ground- all pretty and untouched, since it’s still dark outside. Really, I was hoping for more….which isn’t a surprise to many, since growing up north of Spokane made me practically crave a white winter. […]

Wreath Making Tutorial

Last weekend, a group of the loveliest ladies gathered here on our farm for our first wreath making workshops.  At the beginning of the class, during introductions, I asked each guest to share one hope for the day.  Some mentioned the need for a change of pace from the round-the-clock […]