Plants to Ask Your Friends For

When we bought our first home in 2011, it was bank owned and needed a lot of work. I’ll never forget a moment I had while I was sitting, feeding my baby, a few weeks before we moved in. As I rocked, it hit me that our future yard had NO […]

20 Ways to Welcome Spring for Under $20

Walking into the grocery store yesterday, with my youngest at my side, we couldn’t help but notice the buckets of local daffodils for $2/bunch. As we kept walking, we passed flowers for the yard and new rubber boots. Before we know it, s’mores supplies will be sitting on the ends […]

A Friday Introduction 5

Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you eating Corned Beef for dinner tonight? Today because it’s Friday, because there are a lot of new friends around here and because I want you guys to feel like you’re part of this space, I wanted to write a quick’ish “Introduction” […]

Growing Your Own Sprouts 101 4

I grew up in Eastern Washington on 11 acres, in a house my parents built with logs from our land. It was a beautiful piece of land, situated right next to the river with a garden and an orchard. Inside, the counters were red and the light fixtures were green. The […]

Q&A with Erin, from Floret (with a giveaway!) 307  

Sitting here, pinching myself over the fact that I get to welcome Erin, from Floret to NW Healthy Mama today. I wish we were all in a room together, me with a mic in front, and you guys sitting on the edge of your seats, around big, round tables, with the […]

What I Regret/Don’t Regret About the Early Years 2

Yesterday our kids made their own sandwiches and packed their backpacks full of light sabers and nerf guns. They planned a day outside and headed out on their adventure. I watched from the window as they wandered around the yard and then spread out the blanket they had tucked into one of […]

6 Awesome/NOT So Awesome Social Media Trends 8

Social media. It has the power to connect us all, help us spread positive things, grow our businesses, or even take over our lives, in the worst way. The truth is, some people aren’t going to like this post, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to sharing happy/non-controversial things like hikes, gardening […]

Omega-3 No-Bake Bars 7

I had the best time whipping up these simple bars yesterday afternoon. If you follow on Instagram, you most likely saw my videos (bloopers too!) and heard about the reasons behind why I wanted to make these. Here’s the deal: My kids are always starving. They need protein and lots […]

HUGE Healthy Favs of February Prize Pack Giveaway 15

Happy March, friends! Today I’m excited to share with you some (awesome!) new products our family tried in February and also give ALL OF THIS away to one lucky winner. As many of you probably saw on Instagram, my family has been LOVE, LOVE, LOVING Snoqualmie Ice cream. Not only is […]

Pine and Cedar Lakes

If you’re in or around the Bellingham area, there’s a hike you need to add to your list ASAP. Pine and Cedar Lakes. This hike is a new favorite for so many reasons. Located just outside of Bellingham, the parking lot is almost directly off the main road. No long […]

Hikes, Dining and Must- Do’s During Daffodil Season  

A few months ago, it was a privilege to guest post over on Love LaConner. You can find this post originally there. Thankfully, the daffodil season is just around the corner! Here are a few ideas that’ll help turn your drive-by into an all day family trip.  Daffodils seem to […]

Meet Padme, Our Newest Family Member 1

It was December, Christmas was approaching and every time I cleaned out our daughters backpack, I found hand-drawn pictures of kittens. We asked her what she wanted for Christmas and you know what she said “I just want a kitten. All I want is a kitten.” We went and saw […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I sit by the pool, legs tucked in close to me, 3 towels on my right and 3 kids in the water. I read with a pen in hand, circling, starring and underlining everything that jumps out to me. I look up and my youngest is kicking across the pool, […]