Meet Padme, Our Newest Family Member

It was December, Christmas was approaching and every time I cleaned out our daughters backpack, I found hand-drawn pictures of kittens. We asked her what she wanted for Christmas and you know what she said “I just want a kitten. All I want is a kitten.” We went and saw […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I sit by the pool, legs tucked in close to me, 3 towels on my right and 3 kids in the water. I read with a pen in hand, circling, starring and underlining everything that jumps out to me. I look up and my youngest is kicking across the pool, […]

7 Things to Not Apologize For When You Have Little Ones 3

I listen to women talk and I can’t help but notice how many are apologizing for what they love, saying they’re sorry when they’re sticking with their gut feeling and acting unworthy when they try to make time for what they enjoy. Why is this and how can we make […]

HUGE Healthy Favs of January Prize Pack 37

Happy February! Was January good to you? Did you make some goals and stick with them or not so much? Today I’m sharing my healthy favorites from January with you. The added bonus is that one of you is going to be winning ALL of them. This is BIG you guys! […]

A Great Snowshoeing Spot for Beginners

Recently I read a quote about snowshoeing. I can’t remember who said it, but it went something like “The best way to learn how to snowshoe, is to just go out and do it.” For real, though! Snowshoeing isn’t rocket science, as was proved last Saturday when a group of 13 […]

Q&A Part 2

Happy Friday! Here we go with Part 2 of the Q&A series!  Question: Thank you for helping me out of a deep funk – might even be called depression, but I refuse to call it that – that hit hard in 2016. I’m inspired by you, and motivated, and, well I […]

Q&A Part 1: How to Keep Screen Time in Check

You guys have some great questions! Today I’m starting part one of the Q&A series. Here’s the question I’m tackling: How do you keep screen time in check? Oh girls. This question. It’s a big one and it’s SO important. I’ve  been thinking so much about this lately and trying […]

The Best and Hardest Parts About Running NW Healthy Mama

Behind the scenes stuff. Gosh, how do you even sum it all up? How do you portray the real picture without having someone spend a day or a week with you? Tonight I’m going to try and sum up the best and worst parts of running NW Healthy Mama. For me, […]

Healthy and Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Soup

Next week our MOPS group is having “crock pot” day, so in search of the perfect Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe, I sat down at the computer.  Most of the recipes with 4 or 5 stars had condensed cheese in them. You know the stuff from the can? It’s not very […]

Taking Steps to Create a Peaceful Home 2

It was a few days before Christmas and I was sitting around with the gals on my MOPS team. We were sharing either something good happening in our lives, or something that could use some improvement. A few gals spoke and my heart beat in my chest, knowing what needs improvement in […]

Western Washington Winter Day Trips 7

Whether you’re after snow, a great cup of coffee, a short family hike, a new playground to explore or a great restaurant, there’s so much fun to be had during winter in Western Washington. Don’t let these cold days keep you house-bound. Each of the ideas below feature great coffee, […]

Free Seattle-Area Classes To Jump Start a Healthy New Year

Seattle area girls! This post is for you. There are some FREE nutrition classes coming up that you’ll want to be part of. Looking to begin – and end – 2017 with healthier habits?  Check out the 4-week January Jumpstart series at New Seasons Market!  The last time I was in the […]