Ways YOU (or your business) Can Participate in the NW Healthy Mama Site 4  

Community is the heart of this site, whether we’re planning an in-person event or sharing neat things happening in the area.  It’s been a blast to feature many local people, including flower farmers, event planners, yoga teachers and the list goes on and on. We have had some of the […]



8 Things You’ve Gotta Love About Being a PNW Mom 3  

6am. The house is still. The heaters are on (thankfully we still have power!). A candle burns and I’ve got my Seahawks socks on with sweats, a sweatshirt and a blanket wrapped around my legs, tied on my waist, the way you’d tuck in a towel. This is my signature […]

Tips for Explaining Your Need for Alone Time 3

There’s a man sitting on my couch right now. We just did bedtime together. He read with two girls, while I had a second grader read out loud to me. Then he brushed two sets of teeth and I brushed one. He said goodnight to a few kids and so […]



A Fall Scavenger Hunt

Has anyone else felt that “over flowing plate”, fall-drowning feeling lately? With two kids in school, one in preschool, all 3 in swim lessons, MOPS and me starting to work part-time, I’ve found it hard to take a deep breath sometimes lately. But this weekend though….time slowed down. Together as a […]

Fall Favorites 2

Confession, I keep a list of new “favorites” on my phone because…..well, I love it when people share their favorite things with me, so I thought I’d share a few of mine here! There’s so much to love this fall. New places to eat, new weeknight meals, easy “mom” fashion, […]



Favorite Pumpkin Patches of the Northwest 2

Just in time for weekend planning, we’ve compiled a list of the most highly recommended Pumpkin Patches around. Don’t see your favorite here? Be sure to leave it in the comments below! There’s nothing more fun than throwing on boots and tromping through fields in search of the perfect pumpkin. […]

WINNER of the Proper NW $75 Giftcard! 2

Wow! What a fun giveaway that was! It was so great to see so many of you enter. I wish I could mail you all a beanie right now, but since I can’t, the awesome folks at Proper NW have a coupon code specifically for NW Healthy Mama readers. ANY […]



Cherry Pecan Grain Salad

As I type this, our youngest wanders out, eyes half open, her curly hair pressed sleepily against her head. It’s early…and too dark outside for kids to be awake. We Moms don’t feel like we get much time alone sometimes, do we? Dreams of visiting a Pumpkin Patch this weekend […]

A Day at Heliotrope Ridge 4

Heliotrope was nothing short of perfect on Saturday. This beauty is in the Mount Baker area, 5.5 miles round trip, 1,400 ft. elevation gain and the highest point is 5100 ft. The hike is popular, but the parking lot is plenty spacious (with a bathroom) and the trail was not too crowded. […]



Top Event Picks for the weekend of 9/24- 9/25

From a longboarding competition, to a pumpkin festival perfect for the entire family, or a lululemon party—-this weekend is full of fun events. Here are a few things you might not want to miss! Feel free to add your events (if you’re a business owner) or your family plans in the comments section […]

Nutrition is the Hardest Part

Throughout my years of coaching, I have worked with such a wide variety of women, backgrounds, fitness histories and different stages in life. It’s simply beautiful. Yet one thing appears to be consistent across the board: nutrition is the hardest part. It seems unanimous that knowing what foods to choose […]



Proper NW Giftcard Giveaway! 37

Oh man, do we have a GREAT giveaway for you all! Born and raised in the NW, the folks behind the Proper NW brand know what makes this area so special. Their clothing is ideal for everything from a day in the mountains to pre-school drop off. Heck, I even sleep in […]

The Moms and Kids Hike to Boulder River Falls!

Rewind almost a year and a half. I was vacuuming and an idea came to mind. It was for this site. While creating clean lines across the carpet, I saw it all. This would be a place with voices of multiple women. It would be a place where a healthy/active/happy […]



Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Walnuts, and Cranberries

Over the weekend, we did a huge family grocery shopping trip and of course, I couldn’t help but pick up my first Butternut Squash of the season. Ideally we would’ve grown it ourselves, but since we’re still waiting for a building permit (I need to write a post about building […]