5 Steps For Your Weekend 2

Happy Friday!

Here’s some inspiration for you weekend. 

First: Be Kind to yourself and those around you.


Second: Cook with something bright, fresh and in season. Here’s a delicious looking recipe from Not Without Salt for Couscous Salad with Fresh Cherries. Got cherries?  Make this!



Third: Do something you love, with those you love.  This wildflower hike at Tipsoo Lake, near Mount Rainer looks incredible. Read the full post here on See Luke Go.


Forth: Use your hands for something. Dig in the dirt, create a simple bouquet. Hold a book with your child. Hold your husband’s hand in the car. Someday when you’re old, may your hands someday be wrinkled from doing things that matter. Here are 8 fun ideas for using lavender to create something beautiful.

lavendarFifth: Be the best version of you. You were created to be the way you are for a reason and the world needs you, just the way you are.beauty




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