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I sat perched on a stool in the kitchen while my husband finished up dinner.  As he stirred the food, I asked him again and again, if he was sure it was okay for me to leave and go to the gym. He reassured me that yes, of course it’s fine, he’d have it under control. And so, I headed out, leaving guilt behind.

Pounding away on the treadmill, headphones in my ears, I thought about why I want to workout and do hard things. Is it because I want to lose weight? Maybe a little. Is it because I want to be strong? Sure, that would be great. Is it because it makes me a kinder person? Yes, that’s part of it. But, what’s the real reason? The real reason is because I can and someday I won’t be able to. 

When I run on the treadmill, red faced and sweaty, when my arms shake in a downward dog and I want to drop to my knees, when the hike is going straight uphill and we still have another mile, in those moments I want to keep going, because I can and there’s a women out there who can’t. I want to do it for her, as a gift that shows I won’t live this life, taking it for granted.  See, some women lay in bed only dreaming of being able to move their body. Some women are nearing the end of their lives and they say they wish they would’ve done more of the things they dreamed about. Some women only wish to be able to walk across the room. So if you can, then you should, even if it’s hard. 

IMG_3407Some women would give anything to look into their child’s eyes.
If you can, you should.

Some women would give anything to go swimming with their kids during the summer.
If you can, you should.

Some women would give anything to be able sweat and become stronger.
If you can, you should.

Some women would give anything to be able cook a meal for their family, that nourishes their bodies and spirits.
If you can, you should.

Some women would give anything  to watch the sunrise, squeeze their husband tight and run with their kids.
If you can, you should.

IMG_3853We need to smile at someone, because our face muscles work.

We need to be kind, because kindness has been given to us.

We need to read our kids books, because our Moms taught us to read.

We need to move our bodies, sweat and breath hard, because we’ve been given bodies that can move.

We need to make picnics and create experiences, because we have people we love.

We need to lay in the sun, chase our kids in the sprinkler and laugh until it hurts, because we can.

Today if you can, then you should.

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