Bringing Beauty In

Bringing In Beauty4 7-17Here in the Puget Sound, soaring temperatures are forcing plants to bloom at unprecedented speed.  While the heat decreases the length of time it takes for flowers to reach maturity, it also decreases the time the blooms remain in good condition.  This pace seems strangely hurried.  Flowers that normally bloom late summer/early fall are demanding to be cut and brought in before they fade.  

That’s how it was for  these sweet little rudebeckia (also called Black Eyed Susans.)  I have never seen mine bloom so early and so quickly.  And once again, nature is reminding me to take a moment to slow down and enjoy beauty before it fades.  

Bringing In Beauty2 7-17The ironic thing is, that sometimes (for me anyways), slowing down to enjoy the beautiful moments doesn’t necessarily mean slowing down at all.  Like last night with these sunny little blooms.  The dinner dishes were piled up, leftovers were still on the table, and the kids were momentarily and contentedly engaged in their own activities.  Bringing in beauty for me isn’t always a leisurely sunset stroll through the rows and rows of flowers.  (Not that I don’t dream of that.) Sometimes it’s an all out dash outside, clippers in hand to cut 5 beautiful blooms off my one rudebeckia plant that I didn’t even purposefully plant-it volunteered.  It literally took me 4 minutes to put on my sandals, grab my clippers, cut one stem, then run back in and drop them in  vases. 

I am beginning to understand that if I wait for everything to slow down,  the moment may never come.  For that reason, I’m learning to grab those beautiful moments as they pass, or even better yet, quickly chase them down.  

Bringing In Beauty 7-17Will you join me in bringing in beauty this week?  I promise it doesn’t take much time, or even effort and always repays you richly.  

  1. Pick something outside: a bloom from your garden, a fern, a beautiful blade of grass, a handful of roadside daisies. Or perhaps it’s not even a stem that you find…perhaps it’s a rock or a shell or that twig that your little one collected for you. 
  2. Now bring it in. Choose a special place to set it, a place where you need to be reminded to let go of perfection and savor the beautiful moments that are happening right now. 
  3. Now pause and enjoy it.  Then repeat again and again.   If you’re inspired to share, I’d love to see how you’re bringing beauty into your home and your days.  Snap a picture, add the hashtag #bringingbeautyin and share below or on Instagram.

Here are a few ways you all have been using #bringingbeautyin over the last few weeks. Thank you all for sharing and check back next week for new features!

1. From upper left to bottom right: Sweet Peas and Baby Thighs….there’s nothing cuter. Photo from @ The Whole Sky
2. Beets…so plain on the outside and so delicious on the inside. Photo from: Sarah Hoffer
3. Fresh eggs, beauty brought in by tiny hands. Photo from: Life Alaskan Style
4. Flowers on the windowsill. Photo from: Slowlane Mommy
BringingBeautyIn Collage

Wishing you many beautiful moments this day, 


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