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bringingbeautyin7-24 This week, again, proved to me that it doesn’t take long to make time for beauty.  This little bouquet was another 5 minute dash through the gardens.  I suppose I am still learning to overcome my tendency to strive for perfection, rather than simply seizing the moment.  The thing is, I’m actually finding when I grab five minutes to create, the outcome is so much more beautiful than something I’ve spent much more time fussing and fretting over. 

bringingbeautyin7-24-2This little bouquet includes one of my new favorite dahilas, the very last sweet pea, some tiny little scabiosa (and buds and seed pods), and lots of foliage and filler: mint, marjoram, sweet pea vines and honeysuckle to be specific.  All of it is tucked into one of my favorite little vintage silver vases.  (Thank you, Goodwill.)

bringingbeautyin7-24-3 bringingbeautyin7-24-4Now it’s your turn.  Take 5 minutes to run through your garden (or your friend’s!) or forage along the trail.  Then bring all that beauty in.  If you’re inspired to share, add the hashtag #bringingbeautyin.


Here are a few ways you all have used #bringingbeautyin over the last week. Thank you for sharing! Be sure to check back next week for new features!

From upper left to bottom right:

1. “Flowers speak volumes” . Photo from: Kelly Welk/Ciderpress Lane. 
2. “One of my favorite things about summer is having fresh flowers in the house”. Photo from: Fiddle Jill
3. “While Eliza napped, the big kids and I climbed the ladder and picked plums from our tree.” Photo from: Angela__Strand
4. “Throwing these beauties in the dehydrator tonight. And I have to say, I smell pretty amazing. Mint, rosemary, basil, garlic chives, and lemon thyme, oh my.” Photo from: The Whole SkyBringingBeautyIn Collage 2

Wishing you many beautiful moments this day, 


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2 thoughts on “Bringing Beauty In

  • Angela Strand

    Deanna- The light in your photos this week is absolutely stunning. I can’t believe how pretty your “quick” bouquet is! You inspired me to quickly gather a wildflower bouquet at the beach last night. Thank you.