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I was born and raised in the tiny town of Forks, WA.  Now famous for Twilight, then it was just a tiny, unknown dot on the map.  There was lots of school spirit, logging and rain.  Especially rain.  (When your  closest neighbor is a temperate rain forest, I guess that’ll happen.)  Everything was covered in moss and ferns. Just plain old moss and ferns,   At least, that’s how they seemed to me.  When you’re surrounded by a thing, it has a way of becoming ordinary and unexceptional.

It’s been over 15 years since I moved away from my hometown and all of it’s verdant overgrowth.  As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m the type of person who notices every single growing and blooming thing.  Wherever I go, it’s what captures my attention.  Yet ferns haven’t even been a blip on my radar…until now.Bringing Beauty In 7-31-3The other day, the boys and I went exploring on a new trail. For the first time, I found myself noticing the delicate beauty in all those wild and abundant ferns.  Those leafy spears took me straight home to a million wonderful memories.  I promptly gathered up an armload to bring home with us.Bringing Beauty In 7-31-1Then, as I was putting ferns in vases, I realized I have never put fresh flowers in the boy’s room.  Never. How can that even be?  These nature-loving boys of mine so often fill their room with collections of sticks, rocks, leaves, feathers and even frogs.  But nothing freshly harvested and collected in a vase?!  Luckily that was an easy problem to remedy.  (And no, their room is never normally this clean.)

Bringing Beauty In 7-31The boy’s bedroom lead to ferns in the stairwell, bathroom, and living room.  Because it’s true what they say, flowers (and ferns) make you happy.  So why not bring them in abundantly? Bringing Beauty In 7-31-2(One of the great things about ferns is they have an incredible vase life.  Just be sure to strip any foliage off the stem that will be below the water line.)

You never know what kind of uncommon beauty you will find when you open your eyes to the intricacy and miracle of creation.  What newly beautiful thing are you bringing in this week? If you’re inspired to share, snap a picture of the beauty you’ve found and brought into your home.  Then add the hashtag #bringingbeautyin.

Wishing you many beautiful moments today,


P.S You know all those little vintage bottles that I use as vases?  Watch for a give-away next Friday!

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