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Hey friends! Please join me in welcoming Eryn Scott, a beautiful NW gal, to the blog! Eryn just had her first book published and today she’s sharing a bit of her story with us.  I love her heart and her book sounds so wonderful. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post, where Eryn is giving away TWO signed copies! I can’t wait to snuggle into my lawn chair while the kids play in the pool and read it. Wishing you sunshine, adventures with the ones your love and time for the things that feed your soul. -Angela


Hey all of you NW Healthy Mamas! My name is Eryn and while I’m not a mama, I do live in the NW. I’m a teacher during the day, but I also love to write. I started out writing mysteries and fantasies for the kids in my class, but recently my interests have turned toward the women’s fiction genre. I’m here to tell you about my newest release. There’s even a way you can enter to win a signed copy, so stay tuned for more details.

Okay, I have to be honest, when I started looking through this site to decide what to write about myself and my book, I was completely intimidated. You guys! You make yummy food, go on awesome hikes, and grow beautiful gardens, all with your little ones by your side. You rock! And I kept thinking… where does my book fit in?

This is me on a backpacking trip to the Tubal Cain Mine and Tull Canyon.

But the more I pondered (and got over my insecurities), I realized that this lovely site is all about healthy living and loving yourself. And really, that’s what my story is all about, too. Plus, isn’t part of taking care of yourself sometimes stealing time to escape into a fun book? Well do I have the book for you!

Let me tell you a bit about A Chance for Sunny Skies.

You see Sunny is a girl who has let her awkwardness rule her life, a girl who has gotten all the way to twenty-six without doing much of anything because she’s too busy hiding from herself. A fact that becomes all too obvious when she has a near death experience and the life that flashes before her eyes isn’t hers. In fact, she doesn’t recognize any of the seven images that repeat as she drowns. She doesn’t die (of course), but the realization that her life didn’t have enough meaning to it to warrant a near-death-flash-back tells her that something is terribly wrong. So Sunny does something about it. It isn’t easy and it’s rarely pretty, but she learns that even she deserves a second chance at life.

chancesunnyskies-scott-ebookwebThis book is all about being healthy from the inside out and learning to love yourself even if it takes some divine intervention to achieve. There’s love, friendship, and hopefully a fair bit of humor along the way.

And I would love nothing more than to share it with you! I’m going to giveaway two signed copies!

Enter here to win a signed copy of your own!

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 Thank you so very much for taking the time to read about my story!

Best wishes,


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