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Last night as I made dinner, the boys were all at the dining room table working on various coloring projects. (A miracle in and of itself.) Just out of sight, I could only listen to the happy chatter.  There was an enlightening, engaging (and somewhat hilarious) conversation going on between a 7 year old and a 5 year old about gravity. That singular moment was pure joy.  

Bringing Beauty In 8-7As you very well know, mama, these days of parenting little ones are full.  Full of love, dirty dishes,  re-directing and correcting, sometimes too many no’s, adventures of all kinds, learning and so, so much more.   And at times it’s easy to get lost in the work of mothering (I know I can and I do).  I forget that it’s not always going to go perfectly, or at times, even well.  But one thing I’ve come to count on is that through it all, each day and  even many times a day if I’m paying attention, there will be those shining, singular moments that remind me how beautiful my children are and how lucky I am to be their mama.  

Bringing Beauty In 8-7-1I’m still slowly overcoming that mindset that everything has to be perfect in order to be wonderful.  I’m slowly seeing that those single, beautiful moments are wrapped up with the busy and messy moments that are just as much a part of life.  But when those lovely moments do happen, and we pause to notice and appreciate them…oh, it changes everything, doesn’t it??

Bringing Beauty In 8-7-2The very act of focusing on something helps us to magnify it.  Maybe that’s why this season I’ve been so drawn to the simplicity of single vases.  Aside from the fact that they are the fastest, easiest way for me to be sure I bring beauty into my home, there’s just such beauty in focusing in on single bloom or branch.  And as with life, if we can end the day looking back at all of those singular, beautiful moments combined?  Well, it ends up being quite a lovely bouquet, doesn’t it?

Bringing Beauty In 8-7-3 Bringing Beauty In 8-7-4The dahlias really started hitting their stride this week. All my varieties are now in full bloom.  Yet this is the one I keep bringing in.  “Labyrinth” is such a stunner, opening coral-pink and aging to peachy-cream.Bringing Beauty In 8-7-5These little vintage bottles are my all-time favorite “vases.” (If you’ve followed along with this Bringing Beauty In series, you’ve probably already guessed as much.)

Bringing Beauty In 8-7-6This week, I’m excited to be sharing some with our readers!  To enter to win these 2 adorable vases:

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Winner will be announced Friday, August 14.  I can’t wait to see all the ways you are bringing beauty into your home and life.

Wishing you many beautiful moments today,


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