Bringing Beauty In

Two days ago, my oldest came running into the house yelling, “You gotta see what I found!!”  I was expecting a tree frog, a bird’s egg, a ripe tomato…something of summer’s beauty.  What he brought me had nothing to do with summer but was in fact the first pumpkin!

Of course I cheered and celebrated right along with him, because that’s what we mamas do.  But really?  Already?!  This summer has been such a beauty that it’s going to be hard to let it go.  But as with all things in nature and life, it will.  Fall is coming.  I can smell it in the early morning air, see it in the changing leaves, hear it in the changing of the birdsongs.  Bringing Beauty In 8-14-2

And so instead of fighting it, I happily took that pumpkin from it’s very proud little harvester and placed it in our windowsill.  It’s reminding me that summer won’t last forever.  It’s reminding me to say yes to swimming, hiking, and gardening.  Because if I put it off until tomorrow, soon one of those tomorrows will indeed be fall.

(This week on my windowsill I added honeysuckle, sedum and blackberries.  The boys added the pumpkin, those gorgeous found egg shells (barn swallow?) and this adorable, rusty jack they dug up on our property. )Bringing Beauty In 8-14-1Bringing Beauty In 8-14-3Can you feel it coming too?  How are you savoring these last summer days and bringing beauty into your home?  If you’re inspired to share, tag your photo with #bringingbeautyin.  

Wishing you many beautiful moments,


 **The winner of last week’s vintage bottle give-away is Kathy  Grant!  Thanks for all of your entries!

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