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BBI 8-21-15BBI 8-21-15-1This week’s bouquet looks so much different than what I have previously shared in this space.  Though I have a large variety of flowers in my own backyard, this teeming beauty actually came right out of the fields of a real  flower farm.  Though I do have a large variety of flowers in my backyard and big dreams of someday having a real flower farm, I am no where near producing the quality or quantity of blooms that would require.  BBI 8-21-15-2For me, these past few years have been learning, growing and dreaming years with the hopes of a real flower farm getting closer and closer. These blooms came from the amazing family-owned and operated Triple Wren Farms located just north of Bellingham, WA.  This week I had the privilege of touring their farm and taking a bridal bouquet design class with Sarah.  This small flower farm (operating on just two acres) is an absolute inspiration.  Together, with their two sweet little ones, this dynamic husband and wife duo are grabbing hold of their dream to grow their living and a life that revolves around the land and their family.

image1 (1)I have a request, mamas.  The next time you need to purchase flowers, whether for a big special event or just your kitchen table, can you remember this family?  And not only this family, but all of the small, local farmers like them?  When you source  flowers locally, you not only avoid all of the economically and environmentally damaging side-effects of shipped flowers, you support families just like this one.

TripleWren Sarah If you don’t already know a local flower farmer in your area, or a florist who supports local flower farms, be sure to check out Slow Flowers, a leader in the movement to bring back locally grown flowers. 

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