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Last week we attempted to get the kids to room share, it sort of worked but it’s very obvious that it sort of works better for them to sleep separately. We’ll be moving back to Japan in a few months and when we’re there they’re going to have to sleep in the same room (No child in our closet this year because I want my pantry back! The pantry is where Chris had to keep his clothes.) so the goal was to get them used to it before we left. After a respectable attempt I think we’re going to revisit the room sharing once we get to Japan when we’re fresh off the plane and out of wack anyways.  
DSC_0756The room sharing actually helped Gabriel but our extremely sleep trained baby suffered quite a bit and woke every morning terribly exhausted so Gabriel and I spent a lot of the mornings last week outside so Brenik could sleep. Our outside time usually looked like me cutting, racking and pulling blackberry bushes while Gabriel ate the berries but one morning I remembered an art project we did with the students when I taught at an elementary school.


Gabriel, like most littles, absolutely loves bubbles! He’s just now figuring out that he can blow bubbles in his milk as he sips which I believe I owe thanks to swim lessons for that one! The few times he’s had a straw he’s been scolded for playing in his drink so you can imagine his delight when I told him we were going to blow bubbles with a straw to make a painting!


Like all great kiddo activities, this project is quite simple but provides a load of entertainment! All you need is some food dye and dish soap to mix into a bowl of water, blow your bubbles and press a piece of paper down onto the bubbles to make the markings. Once your little gets down blowing out without sucking up the soapy water your can upgrade to mixing paint into the water which provides a more bold bubble marking on the paper.

Gabriel loved this project and thought that prints looked like the moon which gave me bonus points as a mom since he’s been getting into rocket ships and astronauts ever since getting some astronaut jammies several months ago. Have fun! 

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