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DSC_0912-2I wish my hiking boots could write this post for me. They would tell you stories of bravery, of patience, of friendships deepened. My boots have been walked in with my 2 year old on my back and with my husband by my side. My boots have been tucked into the back of my friends’ car and driven off into the woods, where together, we have become stronger. My boots have been hiked in when I desperately needed a break, when I breathed hard and when I realized I’m stronger than I know.

If my boots could talk, they’d tell you about a girl who overcomes fears and anxiety. They’d tell you about about a girl who loves cheering for others and challenging herself. 

What stories would your boots tell? What stories would you like to write with them? Stories of adventure, friendship, strength, of big moments where you overcome things you thought weren’t possible?Northside

For our last family adventure, my son and I both pulled on our boots from Northside USA  and as a family, we spent the day exploring Boulder River Falls. What I love is how I see my son starting to create some of his own stories in his boots. His boots would tell you about the hours he’s spent determined to tie his own shoes. His boots would tell you about how this precious little boy always finds the most perfect spot to eat his lunch. DSC_0880His boots would tell you about the stick he spray painted to look like a sword and how he carefully tucks it into his backpack, when he goes out to hike. 

And I would tell you….as his mom, that I love the confidence he puts on, when he slips on his hiking boots. He has confidence and a spring in his step and as a Mom, I love that just about more than anything. Northside1Today, since we love you and we want you to get outside and create some memories of your own, we’re partnering with Northside USA and we’re giving away a pair of amazing hiking boots! The style we’re giving away is called “Snohomish Low” and it’s the same as what I wear. We can be matcherinas! Haha!Snohomish Low

The versatile Snohomish is the go-to hiking boot for any adventure. The suede/mesh, waterproof upper means that you can just as easily trek through the summer heat as slosh through spring downpours and stay cool, dry, and comfortable. A TPR sole and mudguard adds additional protection from roots and rocks on the trail, and a Northside contour cushioned insole will keep your feet happy, even on longer outings.


• Suede/Nylon Embossed Upper
• Waterproof: Membrane & Seam Sealed
• Insole is Breathable and Washable
• Molded PVC Heel Stabilizer for Support

To enter to win some hiking boots for yourself, or someone you love, enter below!

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