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As I sit here to write this, I’m listening to Feist on Pandora, I have a candle burning next to me and I’m sipping on Chamomile tea. Even though we played at the beach today until dinnertime, something is changing in the air and the feelings of cozier evenings are starting to settle in.

Summer was wonderful, but I’m craving the routine fall brings. The long days of summer make me want to linger outside until late into the evening, but as the days shorten, I want to plan our days more intentionally and I can’t wait to start reading more again.

Few things make me happier than warm, heavy covers and a good book. So, I have a BIG QUESTION for all of you! 

NWHMBC8You girls are the community here. This site is written for you and I want to honor your requests and your opinions. Recently, a sweet reader suggested we do a fall book club. I think it’s a brilliant idea and if there was ever a time for this type of series, now is the time! Soon we’ll be taking a break from Garden Tours until next spring and as the days become cooler and we all settle back into the blissful routines of fall, a book club could be such fun! 

So, here’s what I’m thinking about a NW Healthy Mama book club:

We’ll be voting on the book and then I’ll give ya’ll enough time to order your book. Then we’ll read a few chapters each week and discuss it here on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram. I’ll write a post each week to encourage discussion and if you’d ever love to participate by writing one of the posts, I’d be happy to let you guest post as well! In-person discussion is always ideal, but our readership is spread so widely, that this would need to be more of an online type of thing. However…you could totally use this as a tool to gather a group of ladies in your own living room to discuss the book and if you did that, I’d give you BIG extra points! Man, friendship is just awesome. And online or offline, connection is what life is all about. Connect. Have people over.  Light candles. Eat chocolate and have a glass of wine. Be brave. Put yourself out there and then tag #nwhealthymama and I’ll go CRAZY over the fact that women are being brave. Please do it, you’ll make my day. 

So, here’s what I’ll need from you all…..

First, I need to know if you’re interested!  Please comment below and that’ll help me gauge the interest. On Instagram and Facebook, we seemed to have quite a few ladies who’d want to participate, but please comment here as well. 

Secondly, I need your vote for a book.

Which book for a NW Healthy Mama book club looks best to you?

For the Love, By Jen Hatmaker
The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy, By Jon Gordon
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential, By John Maxwell
Everything You Ever Wanted: A Memoir, By Jillian Lauren
Yes Please, By Amy Poehler
Moment Maker, By Carlos Whitaker
Recipes for a Beautiful Life: A Memoir in Stories By Rebecca Barry

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Thanks for letting me know what you think!

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