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It’s funny- before I had kids, I had a whole series of vitamins and omega supplements I took on a regular basis.  I always had known  I’d be a Mom someday and to prepare myself for those years, I wanted to be as healthy as possible. Then I had 3 babies in 4 years and although my health should have been more important than ever, I stopped taking the time to take care of myself. I literally just ate my kids gummy vitamins and that’s it. So embarrassing, but it’s true!

When I posted about this on Instagram last night, I smiled when I saw many comments from women saying they can relate. It’s apparently not just me, who’s gotten stuck in mode of caring for everyone around her and neglecting to care for herself. I smiled, since these comments help me know  I’m not alone, but I want more for my friends than the bare minimum and I want more for myself than the leftovers.  My desire is for women everywhere to know their value and to treat themselves with importance. If we want to love others well and live a life of great adventure, don’t we need to help our bodies reach their full potential?

bareleans1Just this year, I feel like I’ve slowly started to make progress to reclaiming those tiny moments in my day where I do things that are good for me. Just recently I learned about these products from a local Washington State company, Barlean’s and not only do I love them, but my kids are crazy about their kids products, too.  Literally, my kids run to the fridge every morning, asking for their “stuff to make them healthy”. 

So, what exactly is Barlean’s?

The 42-acre Barlean’s farm in Ferndale, WA bustles with activity. Trucks from as far away as Canada and the Dakotas pull up to deliver flax seed, forklift drivers haul pressed flax meal into storage containers for recycling as cattle feed, while inside fresh pressed flax seed oil is bottled, labeled and rush shipped to health stores around the country. The phones ring endlessly at the Barlean’s farm, as hundreds of orders for Barlean’s organic oils pour in from health store retailers daily, retailers who insist upon fresh-pressed-on-demand organic oils for their customers.

What’s driving all this activity on the Barlean’s family farm in Ferndale? The realization that 8 out of 10 Americans are deficient in essential fats, called Omega-3 fatty acids. The health consequences of this nutritional deficiency are extensive. Health authorities, such as Artemis Simopoulos M.D., author of The Omega Plan, indicates disorders such as heart and blood vessel disease, eye problems such as dry eyes and macular degeneration, mood and behavior problems such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and lupus, skin problems such as psoriasis, and even cancer, may materialize from this common nutritional deficiency.barleans collage

To celebrate you as a woman and to help you take some steps in caring for yourself, we’re partnering with Barlean’s for an awesome prize pack giveaway. Here’s what you’ll get and how we’ve been using these supplements in our home:

Greens Chocolate 9.52oz (72dpi)I’ve been using Barlean’s new Chocolate Silk Greens as a delicious way to fuel my vitality and energy with the antioxidant power of Superfoods and nutrients. I mix mine with water or my favorite milk or milk alternative.

Every whole food ingredient in Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens is carefully selected, responsibly grown and third party tested to guarantee the absolute highest quality and purity.

Ideal Omega3 60ct (72dpi)

My husband and I have been taking the Ideal Omega 3 and we call this our “one and done” solution.


Barlean’s Essential Woman is designed for women interested in radiant health, hormonal harmony, beauty and energy.
Balanced hormones create a sense of well-being and vitality. Radiant glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong nails are a sign of vibrant inner health. Essential Woman is derived from seeds of botanical flowers such as evening primrose and flax, as well as special plant phytonutrients, all recognized for their beautifying and balancing qualities.

I take about 1 tablespoon of this daily and I love it!


Omega Kids Omega Swirl is an Omega-3 Sensation with the taste and texture of a fruit smoothie! It’s the most delicious way to provide your children with the benefits of vital and essential Omega-3s. My kids love the smoothie texture and yummy lemonade flavor. One 8 oz. bottle contains 43 servings, which is awesome, especially when you have multiple children and a strict budget.

Enter below to win this amazing prize-pack! 
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A huge thank you to Barlean’s for prodviding these products for my family and I to enjoy. As always, these opinions are all mine. Here at NW Healthy Mama, we’re proud to work with local companies that we personally  love. 

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