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yes please quotes1Before we get started, I’d like to first of all give a big shout of love and thanks to those of you who responded to the questions last week! It’s definitely not too late to join the conversation, in case you’re just now having a few moments to catch up!

One of the questions from last week was “how would your parents describe your birth story”. In particular, I loved what Sareh wrote:

“My mom likes to tell me my birth story every year. She had left my dad to give birth a few states away in a tiny town where her mom and dad grew up. She stayed with her grandmother who fed her huge, homemade meals and told her she was gaining too much weight. On my due date the doctor gave her castor oil, she drank an Indian herb tea and she walked miles and miles of small town sidewalk.

Her cousin was the delivery nurse and I was the only baby born in the hospital that day after 7 hours of unmedicated labor. Her mother’s first words upon seeing me, (to her forever embarrassment), were, “I hope that child is as rotten as you were.”
When I think of this story, I see a girl who was too young to have a baby but determined to figure it out. I see a severely dysfunctional family that still managed to surround her and help her. I see my mom’s pride in her natural birth that has put down my choice for an epidural and misunderstood the medical reasons for my two c-sections. I see a reflection of the ying yang nature of my mother and my relationship still.

I really hope that the way I tell my girls their crazy birth stories will reflect how much I love them and adore them and how incredibly special those life changing days are to me.”

Goodness, I just love that! So, if you haven’t had a moment to answer the questions from Week 1, head back over there!

Now, onto Week 2! yes please quote

Our reading section for week 2 talked a lot about apologies, her regret in not apologizing sooner to someone she hurt and then the grace that was extended to her after she finally apologized. I’m not going to  write a full re-cap because I don’t want to be a spoiler, in case you haven’t read the book yet. 

So, let’s get to the questions for Week 2, shall we?

  1. This week, Amy wrote a lot about a time when she really hurt someone and how she should have apologized for this earlier. When is a time that you’ve hurt someone and owed them an apology? Do you apologize easily or this something you’re working on?
  2. When Amy finally apologized, the woman extended her an incredible amount of grace. Over your lifetime, when has someone extended you this kind of grace? When has someone been there for you and chosen love, instead of picking up their armor?
  3. The second part of our reading for this week was about her divorce. It was super sad, wasn’t it? The question for that section is in what ways do you think a person can be a good friend to someone who is going through something similar? If you’ve had a friend experience this, how did you love on them during this difficult time?
    yes please quotes2Happy discussing, friends! I can’t wait to read your answers!

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2 thoughts on “NW Healthy Mama Book Club- Week 2 Questions

  • Twila Callaghan

    I spent a long time responding back to all the questions, but then it timed out and erased it all! 😩 haha! So for the sake of time I would like to specifically speak to question #3

    Sometimes I feel like I am wearing the Scarlet Letter in our small community. I love where I live and I love that everyone knows everyone except for when you go through things like a divorce. That’s my scarlet letter. I’ve been divorced. It’s not something I’m proud of and I could talk forever about different things pertaining to that time in my life, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world because of what that time has taught me and how God has molded me through it all.
    So I would like to speak to the family/friends of someone who is possibly going through a divorce or a separation. Love first. Don’t try to give them answers. Don’t try to ask them questions or understand. Just love on them. And love well! Be their listening ear, their shoulder to cry on. Just be. Be present. Unless you’ve gone through something like this before you are not going to understand all of the many emotions your friend is going through! You have no idea the hurt, the pain, the confusion, the questions, the loss, the anger, the frustration, and the list goes on! Instead of trying to understand or answer questions that you think they might have, simply just be with them. Simply just ask how you can be a friend to them in that moment at that time. I promise you your friend will be forever grateful! The last thing someone needs in this difficult time is judgement. We get enough judgement from others around us, we don’t need it from people who are in our inner circle.