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triplewren5Happy Saturday, friends. Today I’m thrilled to welcome Sarah from Triple Wren Farms to NW Healthy Mama, Garden Tour Saturday. When Deanna shared about her time at this beautiful flower farm on Bringing Beauty In, I immediately knew we needed a post from the farmers behind that gorgeous space.

Today I am honored and grateful to have Sarah sharing with us. Her post is so encouraging to me, as a woman and a Mama! So grab yourself an extra cup of coffee and enjoy. Remember…. At NW Healthy Mama, we let our words of encouragement flow freely so, be sure to leave her some sweet words in the comment section below -Angela

Hello! My name is Sarah Pabody and am thrilled to be a guest author on the lovely NW Healthy Mama blog today! I, with my husband and business partner Steve Pabody, run Triple Wren Farms in Ferndale, Washington, where we farm specialty cut flowers and seasonal produce.  We grow and sell flowers to Whatcom County DIY brides, offer custom floral designs for Whatcom County weddings, provide flowers and bouquets to local grocers and florists, and sell our cuts at the Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market.Family Portrait 3When I meet someone new and they discover than I am a flower farmer, almost invariably they exclaim, “Ohhhh – how romantic…” or perhaps, “What a dream to play with flowers all day!” In the beginning of our flower adventure I wanted to correct them (and am afraid that I sometimes did!), to tell them that while we do hope our end product is dreamy, there are long days full of long hours of hard, dirty work in any kind of farming. I felt compelled to explain that the stunning bridal bouquet image they were looking at was painstakingly photographed at just the perfect angle in golden hour light.  I wanted to make sure they appreciated just how much labor, how many dirty fingernails, how many PB&J suppers went into growing the flowers they admired.

But somewhere along the line I learned to appreciate the process of the seasons and work, and my entire perspective changed.

fall bouquets sarahToday if a new friend admires the beauty of my job, I smile along with them and agree because, really, it IS beautiful.  

The beauty of creation feeds my soul, and I can now look back and see a definitive kind of personal healing that began once I started focusing on its beauty.

 Every sort of job (if we consider life honestly), from mothering to corporate excutive-ing, includes a measure of drudgery that must be endured and accomplished in order to reach the more glorious and memorable parts of the job.  Flower farming is no different in that respect, although swimming in blooms during the most bountiful times of year may perhaps outshine the most glorious office job.dahliasI believe that the beauty of creation reflects the beauty of its Creator.  At the farm, as we watch dusty seed-specks germinate into thread-like babies that seem barely to cling to life, then step back to see them thrive in the healthy soil and sunshine and develop into strong, tall flowering plants, I’m amazed by the beauty. When we pinch the daylights out of a celosia or a zinnia plant that already seems to be wondering aloud how it’s going to survive the chilly Pacific Northwestern spring where it has somehow found itself, then watch it send up many super-long, super-strong stems in the late summer heat with bright, intensely colorful blooms, I’m amazed by the beauty. When we plant gnarled, dried-up husks that look like brown banana bunches during fall clean-up time when most other crops are being ripped out and composted, then watch them metamorphosize into vivid ranunculus and anemone in the late winter or early spring, I am absolutely amazed by the beauty.  anemoneSteve and I have two small children, and sharing the beauty and the farming process with them has added a rich dimension to our adventure.  Triple Wren is a play on their names because we started this business for their future inheritance and in order to improve the quality of all our lives in the present.  We wanted a way for both of us to really be with them during their smallest years. When the amazing opportunity to farm this land opened up, we were inspired to give them a front row seat to know where their food comes from and how things grow. While it is exciting in theory, making this dream a reality AND farming successfully has been quite a balancing act. Most parents are challenged by balancing work and family life, and we have been blessed with many good examples who helped us figure it all out and kept reminding us to look at the beauty and not get bogged down in the “dirty details.” The echo of finding beauty in the process of life has rung through almost every area of our lives these past few years!triplewrenkidstriplewrenkids1triplewrenkids2One other way that we have especially loved sharing the beauty in our lives is through our on-farm workshops which focus on centerpiece floral design, hand-tied bouquets, and/or floral crowns.  We are usually closed to visitors during the growing season due to the busy nature of our lives, (We have to guard our time fiercely to keep that good ol’ work/family life balance intact!) but through the workshops we’ve be able to share the harvest-glory of the seasons with others. This past year we also started offering floral design services to Whatcom County residents who want to send flowers to a friend or buy an arrangement for a dinner party (delivered with a song!) and have really enjoyed growing that new aspect of the business, but there is something special about welcoming visitors to explore the place where their flowers are grown, encouraging them to wade around in the beauty, and then teaching them something practical to use in their lives as they play in it.  triplewrenworkshop

All our remaining workshops for 2015 are full, but if you’d still like to see our farm this year we are planning an “Open Farm” as part of the Whatcom County Farm Tour coming up next Saturday, September 12, 2015, from 10AM – 5PM.  We would love to meet you and share some of the beauty of our flower-filled lives with you! If you can’t make it out, we invite you to follow our farming adventure virtually on instagram @triplewrenfarms and enjoy the beauty with us!triplewren2

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