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IMG_6929This last weekend, we found an absolute treasure of a family hiking spot up near Bellingham. Squires Lake, makes me want to grab a megaphone and shout from the rooftops, because I know so many of my friends want to hike with their families, but finding a trail that’s both kid-friendly and also enjoyable for adults is tricky. Discovering an awesome hike for adults is one thing, but when I stumble across one that’s perfect for tiny hikers, my excitement rises to an entire different level. This hike is practically perfect. IMG_6930

It had been a few weeks since our last ladies hike and so my sister and I were itching to get outside and enjoy the fall weather with our families. We both did a little searching around to find a kid-friendly hike and she found this one. We hiked with 6 kids, ages 6 and under and I can’t say enough about how fun this was.  IMG_6931For starters, it’s super easy to find. To get to most hikes, you need to pull off the highway and then drive on a bumpy gravel road for a few miles, until you reach the trail head, but not this one! For this hike, you just pull right off the highway. So bring your low-rider and don’t even worry about it.  Also, feel free to drink all the coffee you want since there’s a large (wheelchair accessible) portable toilet at the trail head.Squires Lake1 From the trail head, the route makes a quick, moderate climb for 0.3 mile before easing and offering a look at tree-ringed Squires Lake. Squires Lake 2Squires Lake 3  Here, the trail forks to loop around the lake. Turning left leads to views of the dam, a waterfall and the full length of the lake; right leads uphill to a junction with the South Ridge Trail.

A short side trail branches off the main trail to a beaver pond. Be quiet and still, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a beaver at work. Squires Lake 4 As you circle the lake, several benches offer respite to sit and enjoy views of the calm water and relax among the pleasant peace and quiet.Squires Lake 5If you’re craving fall colors, beautiful scenery and some exercise with your family, definitely add this spot to your list. 
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Squires Lake 6For full directions and information about Squires Lake, click here

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