To the Mama at the Strawberry Barn

Dear Mama at the Strawberry Barn,

I know it’s been several weeks since strawberry season, but you and your little girls keep coming to my mind. I was so impressed with them, and with you, as you brought the boxes of berries that you had picked that morning to be weighed. I loved how excited your girls were that they had been able to pick their own berries and that they got to pay for them out of their own money—money they’d earned from cleaning up the neighbor’s yard.Strawberry Barn 1

I spoke to you them. “Your girls worked for your neighbor then spent their money here, picking berries and paying for them themselves?” You smiled as you acknowledged that’s what they’d done, but you didn’t make a big deal about it. No bragging, no calling attention to it.

“We’re going home to make some jam!” one of the girls said after they’d paid.

I couldn’t quit grinning.Strawberry_BarnI know it was just a day in your little family’s life, and it may not have seemed particularly remarkable to you, but as an observer, I just want you to know that it said so much to me about you as a mama. You encourage your kids, you support them in the good they want to do, and you are teaching them to care for others.

You model good work ethics for your girls as you work alongside them. And you are teaching them that they are not “heroes” for helping others or picking their own berries, they are just living their every day lives.

And your beautiful little girls—no complaining, arguing, begging. I don’t suppose they are perfect (wink), just two happy, well-adjusted girls hanging out with their mama.

To you and to all the Northwest Healthy mamas out there, thanks for loving your kids and for teaching them the every day lessons of life. Even when things get hard, hold on. Trust yourself as a mama. You’ve got great kids. And they’ve got a great mama!

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