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“REI believes that being outside makes our lives better. That’s why this Black Friday, we’re closing all 143 of our stores and paying our employees to head outside.”

As a person who leans more towards a minimalist lifestyle, the idea of opting outside on Black Friday, makes my heart so happy. My kids wouldn’t love being rushed from store to store anyway and since the husband is working, I’ll be planning an adventure with some friends and their kiddos. What about you? Are you participating in this as well? What will you be doing?  rei-optoutsideI posted about  this on Instagram and you guys came up with some great ideas, I’d never even thought about! Let’s take a look…

@joyfulamb : “We always have a fun, kid centered, cold, wet and muddy football game.” 

@abbykrajewski : “We always go deep into the woods and cut down our Christmas tree on Black Friday – one of my most favorite holiday traditions!!”

@mrszupke : “I did Black Friday one time with my sister in law and that was it (=awful). I will admit, though, that last year’s was the best EVER because I was snuggled in bed all day with our newly born baby boy (born at 10:30 Thanksgiving night!). Having fresh snow outside made it more than perfect. Since that’s impossible to top, to the mountains we’ll go since that’s the next best thing!”

REI has created a search engine to find adventures happening in your area. Just click on the photo below to see what’s happening in your area.Fullscreen capture 11122015 80002 AM.bmp


Here are some other ways to get involved and head outdoors:

•Go biking

•Take a family walk

•Go hiking with friends

•Bundle up and go kayaking

 •Join Hike It Baby for one of their #OptOutside hikes!

• Go Camping

rei-optoutside (2)

REI  has created a simple tool to help you create your own #OptOutside photo. Just click here to get started and then tag @NWHealthyMama on Instagram, to share your adventures! 

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