Small Business Saturday!

localWelcome to the NW Healthy Mama version of Small Business Saturday! Today we’re proud to be featuring local women, creating amazing things right in their homes. This is our chance to love and support the talented gals in our communities.  We love where we live, we believe in the people of this area and when possible, it’s great to keep our money close, supporting dreams and encouraging community.

 Here are a few shops you might want to check out for your holiday gifts:

storygirl4“My name is Gabriel Sovereign. I live in the Kent area of Washington. I’m a stay at home mom with two young kids and I run a jewelry business through Etsy. My shop focuses on high quality, handmade jewelry – necklaces and earrings mainly – in a variety of styles and materials. You can check out my shop here:


SundayCozy“Hi friends! My name is Emily Walrath. I’m a young mamma to an 8 month old wonderfully wild little boy with an incredible husband who is in the military. I have a passion for anything made from scratch, food, books, being outside, and loving and learning about Jesus. I very recently started my Etsy shop, where I make hand lettered, custom canvas signs and custom home watercolors. I named my shop Sunday Cozy because Sunday is my favorite day of the week and cozy encompasses everything I love the most. My husband has Sundays off and we seem to take everything a little slower and soak up every detail of the day, loving each other, our son, and our family and friends. I love having our house full of people we love (and feeding them!). All the best things in life are cozy… a hot cup of coffee, a snuggly blanket, cuddles, fuzzy socks. I hope to bring the same wonderful feeling of cozy with a handmade piece of art for your home! Visit my shop here.”\

angie3“My name is Angie Hinojos Yusuf, and I am a Seattle-area artist.  The natural world has long inspired me to create drawings and watercolor paintings of everything from our grand northwest panoramas to sketched studies of leaves and insects.  When I carry my sketchbook out hiking, I know there will always be something interesting waiting for me to capture.  As a former architect, I also carry with me a love for buildings and I often create custom “house portraits”.  Lately I have been focusing on animal portraits, finding something unique and special in each one.  I am happy to create custom paintings from photographs. Visit my shop here. “


lemonbuzz4I live in Tacoma Washington and have a huge urban farm with chickens and bees. What started out as a tiny garden bed 10 years ago has became almost our whole yard and we love it! A portion of my proceeds goes to help Honeylove, a non profit working to save the bees. I hope you will enjoy:) Visit my shop here.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________bendercollageMy business is called Bender Boutique. I make and sell quilts, jewelry, and gift baskets. I love the challenge of custom orders, so everything in my shop can be customized (color, theme, etc.).  I am a mother of 2, currently working as a pharmacy technician full time. I am making the transition from retail worker to business owner, slowly but surely. My great grandmother taught me how to quilt when I was 3 years old and over the years I expanded my crafting knowledge to include embroidery, knitting, dress making, candle and soap crafting, jewelry and gift baskets. I often joke that the only thing I can’t do is crochet!

 I have an Etsy store, Facebook page, and an Antsquare store. If you haven’t heard of Antsquare, it’s a new app that connects people to small businesses and vintage shops in their area. It’s fairly new and is being described as a “craigslist for small businesses”. “ (search for Bender Boutique)
elsage collage2“This husband and wife team print unique, high quality goods through a block print/screen print process. Each and every piece is printed entirely by hand in their Washington State studio.
The design process begins with an idea sketched out, then transferred to block and carved. The resulting block print is then screen printed with care and intention.
When they are not covered in ink, Phoebe and Jonathan are skiing in the mountains or surfing in the sea. They love adventure, small business, fresh mango, and good coffee. “
Find their shop here

Eylander5Welcome to my shop.  I’m just a mama who learned how to use power tools. I started this shop after seeing so many things out and about that needed new, better homes!” Click Here To Visit eylandersignco


Another FUN way to shop local is at Farmer’s Markets and Holiday Craft Fairs. Here are a few you don’t want to miss:  

The Definitive Guide to Seattle’s Holiday Craft Fairs & Indie Markets:

 arlington famers market12243392_1658775361057558_8189822187447732115_n

 What are some of your favorite local shops? 

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