Being a Mom on Christmas 1

I pulled on my favorite leggings, grabbed my list, wrapped a warm scarf around my neck and vacuumed my car before I headed out. If I was going to do all of our Christmas shopping in one day, I was at least going to enjoy a clean car. The sun was shining, the kids were home with Daddy and it was just me, alone with the masses on the Saturday before Christmas. For hours, I raced all over the stores and by dinnertime, my list was all checked off and our shopping was done. One big day alone is usually how I get our shopping done, since I honestly can’t focus or think when I’m out with the kids. DSC_0793Later that night, after the kids were tucked in, I stayed up until 1 am wrapping presents.  Something happens when the house is quiet. I feel like I can hear again and I can breath. In the quiet, my thoughts make sense and everything that comes with having this young, crazy, fun family all has some sort of order, in a very strange-chaotic and beautiful sort of way.  

As I stood over paper, ribbon and gifts,  I was reminded of how much there is to be thankful for. Another year of safety and health, and I get to be the one who makes Christmas happen for these little people. What an honor it is!  Being a Mom is so much more than to-dos, being a Mom is full of get-tos. We are privileged to have kids who bake with us and make messes. We get so caught up worrying about making it meaningful and intentional, that we forget what an incredible honor it is to be a Mom at Christmas.  Our kids are looking to us to show them what Christmas should be like, what do we want to create as their “normal”?
DSC_0799For me,  this is the ONLY Christmas where they’ll be 2 , 5  and 6 years old. As I stood there wrapping, I remembered that they need to see me smiling and enjoying this crazy time of year and that MY attitude is way more important than any amount of to-dos I accomplish. I remembered that their faces reflect mine. Their memories of December need to include a Mama that was filled with joy-not filled with stress, anxiety and complaints.

So, I guess that’s it. Being a Mom at Christmas carries a lot of weight, but it’s such an honor. Oh, to be the one who gets to help create Christmas memories. It was never meant to be stressful, it is the ultimate privilege.
DSC_0803As you go about these last few days, try to remember that this is the ONLY year that they’ll be 2 and 4, or 5, 7 and 9…… Or, however old they are.

It might feel crazy and your list might be pages long, but this is their one and only Christmas at this age.

These days will never be returned so make the most of them. This is the one and only Christmas 2015 and we will never get it back. Lets smile this week and do meaningful things to make it count.

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