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There’s a part of Christmas that people don’t often talk about. I suppose it’s because for most people, the clutter that comes with Christmas doesn’t really bother them. However, for some of us more sensitive types, it’s a part of Christmas that we really struggle with. We want to enjoy the day and not care about all the stuff strewn around our homes, but all the new things actually cause us to feel anxious and stressed.

Personally, I LOVE Christmas, but I really struggle with all the clutter that comes with it. I’m the kind of gal who likes to have a place for everything and when our home is suddenly filled with many things that need new places, I get overwhelmed and grumpy. I am sensitive to everything in my life and when my surroundings are tidy, I feel calm on the inside. If you feel this way too, then you understand and you’re nodding you’re head right about now. Some of you get it, I know this because I’ve talked with many other women who function this same way. declutter

To prepare our home and our hearts for Christmas, we spent an hour or so this morning going through all our toys as a family. The kids joyfully helped us organize, sort, throw some things away and we got a bag ready for the thrift store. If there was ever a time to prepare our homes and our hearts for fresh new things, before Christmas is the perfect time. declutter2

After a morning of organizing and getting rid of things we no longer use, I am ready. Some people will tell you to simply not let the clutter bother you. I don’t agree with them, because I know how it feels. I believe in going into Christmas prepared. Clear out your home of things you no longer need. Make space in your mind and in your home for peace, love and fun.  Christmas is almost here,  but there’s still time to dedicate one hour or so for sorting, organizing and creating space for living. declutter3

What about you? Do you struggle with the clutter that comes with Christmas? How do you manage it?

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5 thoughts on “For Those Who Struggle with Christmas Clutter

  • Irene

    This year we chose to use only part of our decorations for the house and also for the tree. In years past, I wanted to drag out every single decoration in storage and use all of it. Now, we keep some in storage for another Christmas, and give some away! This year, I am enjoying our decorations more fully and putting them away after the season will be much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate

    Yes yes yes! This is so me. I get so overwhelmed with even the wrapping paper, boxes, etc. We just did a little family Christmas since we will be traveling over the next few days, and just that small amount was a little stressful. We always deal with it right away though & try to take our time to incorporate space for the new. And like you, we did a bunch of purging this season! Thanks for the great post!

  • Jill Foley

    Oh yes….I struggle greatly with clutter! My mom was here over the weekend and I had to try really hard not to let the extra stuff of one extra person in our home undo me.

    Last night I went to add our stockings to our mantel and it was just too much – so I had clear the advent decorations and keep it simple so it wouldn’t bother me. Right now it bothers me that we have so many Christmas books from the library on our shelf – I doubt we’ll read them anymore, so I’m eager to get them out.

    And don’t even get me started on Christmas decorations….it’s all too much! I have to keep it simple to remain sane and enjoy the season.

  • Portia @ Obsessed by Portia

    I feel like you were reading my mind. We are so alike! I always say a chaotic house creates a chaotic mind! We really emphasized donating old toys this year too and it’s been fantastic (not only to simplify but to teach the littles about giving!). Your blog is such a blessing! xoxo