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It’s hard to believe NW Healthy Mama is about 6 months old.  In this short time, I have been so blessed to be able to  “meet” some of the neatest local business owners and work with some amazing women. I’ve been blown away by the stories the girls in this area share. I already knew the PNW was amazing, but running this site has opened my eyes even wider to all the goodness around.
Recently I was introduced to Happy Camel, a Portland Oregon company. Not only did I fall in love with their products, but I fell in love with the fact that the Mom who runs this company is a stay at home Mama of 2 little ones. Not only is she running a business with my favorite socks ever, but she’s raising her babies. It’s perfect. 
Today I’m happy to share about the Happy Camel socks and also give a pair of them away for you to enjoy! I’ve always known wool is great, but I didn’t really get it until I started poking around the Happy Camel website. In terms I could understand and quickly read through, I learned about how healthy wool is for us, how it helps regulate our temperature in cold or warm weather, how it repels moisture and how it doesn’t allow odor buildup. Camel wool in particular is extremely durable and it’s very soft, with a delicate feel. I wear these socks at home, while I’m hiking and when I’m running around town with the kids. Truly, they are my favorite. 
Happy Camel Wool SocksKaty runs this business from her home and I’m sure in real life we would all be friends. This girl has a bright smile and a fascinating background. Here’s a little  bit of her story:
In 2010, my husband, Cory, and I were living and working in South Korea.  For a summer vacation, we went to Mongolia and bought motorcycles in Ulaanbaatar to assist us in our adventuring.  Next to the market where we purchased our bikes was Ulaanbaatar’s infamous black market, filled with trinkets, traditional clothing, and pick pockets.  We found piles of camel wool clothing and decided to stock up because August in Mongolia was much colder than we expected.  Thank goodness we did too, because our first night camping in the Gobi Desert, we were so cold we had to sleep in it all, plus our motorcycle leathers.  I’m not sure we would have had the resiliency to tough out another week of camping otherwise.
happy camel4Fast forward a few years to 2014.  I left my corporate job after my second child was born so I could stay home with my two small children in our lovely city of Portland, OR.  Our city is fantastic for hiking, camping, and all sort of fun outdoor adventures and I quickly wore through what was left of my socks from so many years ago.  Anybody who knows me has heard me talk about how much I love my camel wool socks and said they’d love a pair too, but they were sadly impossible to access in the States.  That’s when my husband and I decided to start Happy Camel.  My husband had always described himself as, “the kind of guy who likes a good pair of socks,” and had even joked about starting a sock review blog, so it really seemed like the right decision for our family.  Now I get to be home with my children, work at a job that I love, and have exceptionally warm feet.
Because we love ya and Christmas is in just about 2 weeks, we’re giving away a pair of these socks. To enter, use the Rafflecopter below!

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