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I’m sure you’re familiar with it by now….Around here we’re all about Mamas creating things right in their homes, with little ones surrounding them. We’re into farming families, makers/growers/creators and mothers—ladies who are brave and share their talents and interests with the world. They say “Calling” is when your passion is paired with a need. It’s what you love to do, combined with a lack in the world. Here on NW Healthy Mama, we see lots of women living out their calling and frankly, I just can’t get over it. Not only are these local women pursuing the things in their hearts, but they’re also setting a wonderful example for their kids. It’s cool, I tell ya and I love sharing about it.

Today I’d like to introduce you to this beautiful Mama, Jeanne. Remember our contributor Deanna? Well, Jeanne is her sister-in-law and she recently started Hidden Hallow Farm, a business with some of the best creams, homemade soaps and all sorts of other natural things.Hidden Hallow Farm1

Here’s what Deanna says about these products:

A few years back my sister in law started making soap and lotion. For the past three winter’s, her baby cream has been a lifesaver for Jasper’s eczema. I am so excited that she’s turning it into a business! Be sure to follow her and get your very own organically grown, hand made baby creams, lotions, soaps, chap sticks and more!”Hidden Hollow Farm

Here’s a little message to all of us from Jeanne:

“Hello, my name is Jeanne and I get to say I am a stay at home mom. We have been married for 12 years and went thru the infertility struggle. But with faith, hope and wonderfully answered prayers, we became a family of 4 in less than 2 years. Our girls mean the world to us. Which led me on the natural everything pursuit.

I didn’t grow up with parents that taught me about herbs, etc. After digging in, I became in love with natures medicines. I wanted to make a baby cream for the babies and in doing so I found I love to create, educate and help others in their journey.

I’m excited to be giving away a sample basket  to one  of the NW Healthy Mama readers! The basket contains:
•An 8 ounce bath detox for child, mom and dad. (This is crucial for a baby that just received vaccinations.)
•A 2 ounce baby cream that has properties to help Eczema and diaper rash.

•A 5 ounce pumpkin  spice soap.
•A grapefruit lip balm.IMG_2498

You are going to LOVE this gift basket full of goodies so, enter to win below! And please…go follow Hidden Hollow Farm on Instagram and give Jeanne some  encouraging words. Remember, kindness only takes a minute, but it can really make a lasting impact.
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6 thoughts on “Hidden Hollow Farm- An AMAZING Giveaway

  • Bree

    Iove this story! So cool how diving into a more natural way of living can change so much for the better! I love how God has given us so much non-man-made supplies to help us through life. Just have to search through it these days with the whole medicinal mindset we have now adays.

  • Kathy G

    I’ve heard Deanna brag about the eczema treatment, and remember when one of my boys had it as a baby. Would like to try the bath detox.

  • BriAnn

    Wow, these products sound amazing! I know the struggle of having a child suffering from eczema. I wish I had these products a year ago! Thanks for making them available to everyone and finding a natural way to heal!!!

  • Kate

    What a lovely story & family! So happy to know about Jeanne & Hidden Hollow Farm. I’m so intrigued by the baby detox…especially considering our 1-year old just received a big round of vaccinations at her last check-up. Thanks, Angela!