Just Stop: My theme for December 2

My husband was working late and to make the most of our evening, I fed the kids an easy dinner and then declared it a movie night. After tucking them into the couch, warm and cozy to watch Elf, I headed back to the kitchen to tackle the dishes and clean up.

Moments later, my oldest called out to me, asking if I’d like to watch the movie with them. I paused…. wanting to continue cleaning, but I heard my inner Mama voice speak loud and clearly to me. I needed to JUST STOP, go sit with them and leave my phone in the other room. This was a time to be present. This was a time to challenge myself to just be still.

Sinking into the couch, my 2 year old’s little body scooted closer, folding into mine. Moments later, my hand was being held by my son’s. Right then, there was NOTHING I could have been doing that was more important. I was where I don’t often sit; I was on the couch, snuggled in with my greatest gifts.

That son of mine will be 7 next month. I don’t know how many more movies I get to hold his hand through. As I sat there, I knew that my theme for December needs to be “Just Stop”. If there’s a moment to connect deeper with my people, I need to grab it and hang onto it with all of my Mama bear strength.

DSC_0121We only get so many Christmases with our kids at home. As we welcome December and the excitement the holiday season brings, may we have hearts alert to know when we need to just stop, pause and love on our people.

May we not only put on the movies for our kids, but may we also snuggle and watch them.

May we not only turn on the music, but may we also dance.

May we not only bake cookies, but may we also involve our kids and use sprinkles…yes, lots of sprinkles.DSC_0091

May we make messes and tell stories and be busy, but may we smile, like we truly believe joy is contagious.DSC_0048

May we give something that can’t be wrapped up in a box with a bow. May we give our families the gift of a Mama who knows how to just stop. May our actions scream “you are important!”, and not just the gifts we give.

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Angela is a wife, mama to three little ones and a lifelong Washington State resident. Besides facilitating the NW Healthy Mama website, she loves being involved in her kids' school, hiking with her girlfriends, growing all the things, writing, reading and taking photos.

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