Lake 22 Ladies Hike

It’s hard to believe we’ve done 18 hikes in a row together now. These girls are so fun and I know I always say it, but I’m so thankful for them. Alone, I wouldn’t be able to go out and do this stuff. Without them, I wouldn’t experience new places, exercise in the woods, enjoy incredible views and challenge myself physically and mentally. 

I suppose everyone has a different reason for craving time with friends- and for me, time outside. Personally, I need moments where I’m not only a Mom. I need days where I remember how strong my body is and how I’m still capable of more than just raising my three gifts. About 6 months postpartum with our third child, I started experiencing anxiety (read more about that here). After a great talk with my sister, I knew I didn’t want to live a life ruled by fear and so we put together a hiking group and times with these ladies are so very good. We are Moms, but we are also friends, wives….people. We have bodies capable of so much and we have hearts with desires inside.
IMG_8837We hiked the Lake 22  trail last weekend and my goodness, what a GREAT experience this was. Since Lake 22 is a fairly popular hike, I wasn’t expecting it to be anything too amazing, but I was so wrong. There’s so much to love about this hike. First of all, the parking lot is spacious and it’s right off the main highway. Literally any car could get there, which is a huge plus.

Secondly, I loved how we met quite a few nice hikers along the trail, but not too many. And lots of lady hikers! I had to control myself, because I  just wanted to high five them, or even hug them! It was great to see so many cool girls out experiencing the world together.IMG_8834As I set out my long underwear, thermos, started soaking my beans for soup and packed my backpack the night before our hike, I just couldn’t help but smile. Yes, December hiking is different, but it’s so fun. It’s such a unique experience to hike with lots of layers and hot soup in a thermos for lunch. I love it. I love the change in seasons and how there’s always something good and different to experience.  Go into your adventure expecting the best. Bring something warm to eat (my soup hit the spot) and enjoy your time. Everyday of the year has something good to offer!IMG_8827On our way up the trail, we passed many waterfalls and hopped over lots of water. I was thankful to be wearing partially waterproof hiking boots. It was definitely wet, but so beautiful!IMG_8836As we reached the last 1/2 mile or so, that wonderful moment came when moms hiking together turned into giddy girls, as the rain transformed into snow and a winter wonderland appeared. And yes- a real backpack cover is on my Christmas list. I was desperate, but at least my bag stayed dry!
IMG_8840Lake 22

Cold is not so cold, if you are in the snow.

lake 22 1We stopped only briefly at the lake for lunch, since the wind was blowing really hard, but we’ll be back. It was so great to be able to experience the snow without having to drive on any crazy roads, or need any special gear. If you’re looking for a hike with snow and lots of beauty, grab some fun friends and head for Lake 22!IMG_8838

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