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She’s a Mama of  5, she’s gorgeous inside and out and when I came across her video, I knew I needed to share it here. Today our family will be sitting down and creating our own “Live List” for 2016. This idea that Kelly came up with is too good to pass up. Here’s what she  says about it:

“We sit down as a family and we brainstorm. We throw  everything out there, the biggest dreams and the smallest moments and then we cultivate it down to a list of things we’ll actually do. Instead of a bucket list, we create a live list. This is a list of things we want to fill our  lives up with. Walks under the stars, camping, service projects….jumping into the swimming pool with all our clothes on…..”Kelly Jensen Live List
Kelly Jensen shares a wonderful way to say “yes” more often, slow down the clock a bit, and just be in the moment.

Before you finalize your plans for the new year, click here to take a look….. 

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What’s going on your Live List this year?

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