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Welcome to NW Healthy Mama! Today it is such an honor to be interviewing Rebecca, the founder of Hike Like A Woman! She is playing a huge role in developing a strong community of woman and you are going to love her. Grab your coffee, sit down and enjoy!IMG_9851

Hi Rebecca!
It’s so much fun to have you here today! NW Healthy Mama is all about adventure with friends, food for thriving and living well. We love supporting women who are reaching toward these goals! 

Tell us briefly, what exactly is the vision for Hike Like A Woman and what inspired you to start the site?

I actually think that we have a very similar vision, and I love what you are doing so thank you so much for the interview.

About 4 years ago my husband and I quit our jobs and moved to Wyoming. We had saved some money and wanted to do something bold, and reconnect with ourselves and nature–because we’d been so focused on our careers. We noticed that wherever we lived we always had a hard time finding good, accurate trail information so we decided to start our own small business (Just Trails) and spent a few years hiking and writing trail guides together. Our trail guide business evolved to add backcountry navigation classes and a few other things. It’s been great but I wanted my own little space on the internet where I could talk about women in the outdoors and it didn’t fit within our business plan and goals for Just Trails. So I started Hike Like a Woman last year, even though the idea came to me several years ago. My goal was to make it a “how-to” blog for women who wanted to start hiking but it’s become so much more than that and through it I’ve been able to find my voice as an outdoor writer, mom, and small business owner.

My vision for Hike Like A Woman is to continue to build a community of outdoor women and to be a positive voice with a positive message where we celebrate the success and accomplishments of one other. So far my community is amazing, inspiring and I love logging on and seeing how wonderful my readers are.

What has been one of the most memorable hikes you’ve been on so far?

I try to make every hike memorable! Even if it’s just memorable because my 2-year-old has a meltdown on the side of the trail. I’ve never done any long thru-hikes, or anything spectacular really. But, introducing friends to hiking, watching my kids explore and discover new things and bagging big peaks is always memorable. Last summer I coaxed a group of friends into climbing four 14,000+ foot peaks in Colorado in one day with me and that was pretty awesome.

IMG_7063As we jump into 2016, what goals or dreams do you have for Hike Like A Woman? Where would you like to see the site go and is there anything we can do to help?

2016 is going to be an exciting year. I’m making a few changes to what I’ll be writing on Hike Like A Woman and adding “hiking hacks” and “hiking snacks” blog posts into my weekly lineup. I’ve also learned that my audience doesn’t always like to read about hiking with kids, so I’ll be focusing on growing a new blog, Moms Who Hike aimed at helping outdoor moms get on the trails with their children this year. I also have a few e-books and online courses in the works, so a lot of fun stuff going on.

If a woman is interested in joining one of the Hike Like A Woman events, what should she do?

One of the great things about Hike Like a Woman is that it’s a virtual community. Last summer I teamed up with Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama to host a summer hiking challenge that was a huge hit and a whole lot of fun. We’re planning on hosting another virtual hiking challenge this summer.

I’ve also started a small goal-setting group, because like a lot of us, I ended 2015 frustrated that I didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped. Accountability is huge, and I noticed that a lot of women I meet have the same struggle. So our group is focused on supporting each other as we strive to reach our own individual goals. The group has women from all over the world with goals ranging from making the bed every morning to hiking the El Camino trail in Spain. Anyone is welcome to join.

And a few years ago I started a local hiking group, the Little Laramie Hikers so if you’re in southeastern Wyoming or Northern Colorado or just passing through let me know and come on out for a hike.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I just want to thank you for taking time to interview me and I want to let you know that I appreciate what you’re doing too! Isn’t it wonderful that the internet provides a place for women from all over the world and all walks of life to meet and come together to lift each other up and support one another?

Be sure to stop by the Hike Like A Woman Facebook/Instagram/Blog pages and say hi, mentioning that NW Healthy Mama sent you! It’s so great to be able to come together as a community of women and support each other, while becoming our best, strong and happy selves!

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