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Over on the NW Healthy Mama Instagram page, we decided to  change things up a bit and do an Instagram  prompt challenge this week. The photos are participation have been so fantastic, that I couldn’t help but share some of them tonight. 

Today’s theme was Motherhood. Read below what Motherhood means to various women around the PNW. Powerful stuff, ladies!


“My motherhood journey has been many things. Growth, sacrifice, sheer joy, intense vulnerable crack-me-open love, and a whole lot of newness and discovery. Motherhood has forced me to examine my words and thoughts and become the very best, healthiest, and most joy filled version of myself. Thank God for these girls. They saved my life.” – playinghousewholetime


Motherhood: when putting your own agenda aside is sometimes the only way.” – mrsandmrkingMotherhood2

Becoming a mother has made me stronger and more patient. Confident in my choices and confident in my body. It’s helped me let go of some of my OCD tendencies (clean everything all the time!) and it’s given me this wonderful community of other mothers! It’s also made me question some of my choices, sleep deprived, and covered in snot and poop on a semi regular basis but those things are ok because I’ve got the sweetest little girl.” –xokerryblogmotherhood3

“We had 300 kids when we got married. As teachers, we each educated, counseled, and cared for 150 public school students. We truly felt called to these positions and it was incredibly clear that God was using us for His purposes but we wondered how we’d start our family while both in this vocation. Even considering having kids of our own, biological or otherwise, was an overwhelming thought. How would we be able to pour into our own kids when we have so much of ourselves at our jobs?
While in the back of my mind I knew I’d be a mom someday, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I love(d) working with teenagers as their teacher and coach but little kids were not exactly my forte (read: I wasn’t exactly a baby person). Then He said it was time for us to start a family and we answered His call. I was 8 months pregnant with Serafina on my last day of teaching.
Nothing could have prepared me for how gratifying, exhausting, and sanctifying motherhood is. I never knew I could love someone as much as my husband until I became a mother.
And then we got pregnant with our second. I spend a lot of that pregnancy thinking about the burden, the stewardship, the blessing it is to parent a child. I wanted to do the best I could but now I was going to be responsible for 2 little lives.
Would I do a good job? Would I have enough love/patience/perseverance to go around?
In the darkness of Thanksgiving night 2014, I discovered that love is multiplied, not divided, when your family grows. When we welcomed our son Caleb through a wonderful home birth, my heart nearly exploded. I can’t imagine my life before two kids. I can’t imagine I thought motherhood wasn’t for me. This. Motherhood. This is what God has me here to do. {Caleb’s home birth photo courtesy of Peaceful Beginnings Photography}
If you want to read more (as if this mini blog post isn’t long enough đŸ˜‰ ), I’ve processed more of my thoughts on purpose in my latest blog post (link here). Thanks @nwhealthymama for the excuse to ponder #motherhood today. I’ve enjoyed my social media time on your blog, FB post, and IG feed these past few months. Love the perspective you bring to the interwebs!” –

“Motherhood is sitting close by and hunting for the soldier hat. Because dinner can wait 5 more minutes. And because sometimes the littlest thing are actually the biggest.” twigandvine


“It means providing for my children, keeping them safe, teaching them, and guiding them. One of my biggest struggles on this journey of motherhood has been milk production. I tapped out with my son at 4 months and saw my supply dropping with Kalia around the same time. I take more fenugreek, blessed thistle, Brewers yeast and placenta capsules than I can count. I drink more water than a camel, eat more oatmeal, eat like a maniac and pump after every feed and wake up every two hours to pump. Nothing has worked. This week has been one of the hardest struggles to date on my journey of motherhood. No sleep, two sick kids and a high fever for all of us. Along with this pumping schedule and a baby that won’t latch, I felt as if nothing could brighten this week. Until my amazing cousin@mrspaigehatfield gave us a portion of her frozen breastmilk. To a mother that struggles with breastfeeding and lactation this gift is greater than anything in the world. I am so incredibly thankful that she has taken the time to give to us in such a profound way. You, my dear, have helped us greater than you will ever know. I often forget that being a mother also makes you part of a very special group of women that are there to support YOU, love YOU and hold your hand through the hardest of time. That’s motherhood.“- sarahpalamahoffermotherhood6

“Lots of people ask me about the gap in age between my two kids, there are times when I wish I had kids closer, but that is just not how God had it planned for me. So my days are filled with homeschooling a fourth grader, and changing a 7 months olds diapers. My house is almost NEVER as clean as I would like, but my heart is always full.”- sararachelle83


They way you read them a story, it’s beautiful.
They way you fix dinner, while helping your son with homework, that’s beautiful.
The way you push your kids on the swings, pulling them back and counting to three, that’s beautiful.
They way your baby’s head fits perfectly in the spot where your neck meets your shoulder, that’s beautiful.
The songs you sing over and over are beautiful.
The way you change a diaper, like you could do it in your sleep is beautiful.
The way you stand at the window, waiting for Daddy to get home is beautiful.
The way you play their games, whether peekaboo or Xbox, is beautiful.
The scribbled notes you leave in lunch boxes are beautiful.
The way your eyes follow those kids as they walk into school or wait for the bus, that’s beautiful.
They way you tell them how much you love being their Mom, that’s beautiful.
The way you can find things in your home, that no one else can find, that’s beautiful.
The way you make dinner, when everyone else swears there’s no food in the house, that’s beautiful.
The way you put away their clothes, remind them to wash their hands, call them to the table and ask them to drink their water, that’s beautiful.
The way you blow on their food and take a bite just to make sure it’s not too hot, that’s beautiful.
The way you worry that you’ll get it wrong, because what you want more than anything is to do it right, that’s beautiful.
The way you cry when you feel like you’ve failed, that’s so beautiful.
The way you get up the next day, determined to do your best, that’s beautiful.
Motherhood is beauty. It is art.
Make it lovely. Be proud.
You are an artist, you are a Mom. 

Proud to have you all as part of this community. 

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