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woods collageSomething amazing happened last Saturday. Before heading out to a MOPS event, I shared our “10 Hikes to do with Your Girlfriends” post on Facebook. As I went about the day, I saw our NW Healthy Mama Facebook page start going bonkers! People were tagging each other, making plans to get out together and sharing the post like crazy. Over the next few days, our readership went WAY, WAY up and 2 days later, that post has been shared 1,100 times and counting.

To think of ladies from around the area connecting and getting out together practically makes me want to jump up and down, clapping and cheering. Getting out with my friends has played a huge part in dealing with my personal struggle with postpartum anxiety. Fresh air, sweat and good conversation are way up there with the best medicines on earth! I want everyone to experience the feeling of life being GOOD. Maybe hiking isn’t for everyone, but I believe wellness is. 

So tonight I am happy to welcome so many new gals to this space.  You will find that there is something here for everyone. Monday thru Friday we post a variety of healthy recipes, outdoor adventure ideas and inspiration to mother well. When spring and summer come, we’ll go back to our regular Saturday Garden Tours, where women from around the area have an opportunity to write a post showing off what’s growing in their garden, or share tips and tricks with other PNW gardeners. Want to be in on that? We’d love to have you. Email us.

This space is a growing community and you’ll find many different voices here, sharing about a wide variety of topics. Here at NW Healthy Mama, we believe health is not a specific diet, but rather a frame of mind, a meal that helps our families thrive and an adventure outside with good friends. We believe in enjoying motherhood and loving our people well. We believe in kindness, community and that every woman is full of incredible potential. If you are new here, we welcome you to NW Healthy Mama!

woods6To celebrate this next big step of growth, The Woods Coffee has generously offered up a $25 gift card for us to giveaway! If you don’t have a  Woods Coffee in your area, use this card to shop their amazing online store. You will LOVE everything they sell, I guarantee it. 

Thank you all for being part of this site. Thank you for your encouraging words and for making this site for fun! Remember to continue to use #nwhealthymama to share your life with everyone in the NW Healthy Mama community!

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