Daffodils, a Family Hike and a PNWOW Adventure

The kids are having their rest time, the sun is shining and I’m briefly popping on here to share a few words about this last weekend and a whole lot of photos. It was just one of those weekends that really deserves to be written about.
DSC_0297 Saturday we woke up early, packed up the kids and went to meet with a new house builder. I might have mentioned on here that we bought 2 acres of raw land last summer and hopefully, we’ll be going through the building process this year. It’s scary, exciting and SO many things. After working to get quotes and working with the bank on our construction loan, I feel like I’m finally allowing myself to get excited about the process. I’ve been so guarded and nervous because my heart is in this.  The land is perfect to raise our family on and I can’t wait to plant a giant garden. However, all of this takes so much time. Building a home is not easy, nor is it fast. Anyway—-our meeting with the builder on Saturday was great. 

After our meeting, we raced back home so  I could take the girls to a Birthday party and then afterwards, we drove back home, picked up the rest of our family and headed out for a drive around the daffodil fields.DSC_0298 The daffodils are so close to being in full bloom, but they need just a few more days. It’s supposed to be sunny this week so, I’m guessing by next weekend they’ll almost be completely open.DSC_0305 Even in partial bloom, the fields were gorgeous.DSC_0308 Daffodils are my favorite flower. I grew up in Eastern Washington and as the snow melted, the daffodils would bloom. They seemed to smile and guarantee that spring is on it’s way.DSC_0311 DSC_0317 After driving by the daffodils, we took the kids for a walk on Fir Island. This trail is often used by duck hunters during hunting season, but since hunting season is over, it was a perfect walk for our family. DSC_0398The trail is wide and lined with gravel. A jogging stroller would do just fine on it. DSC_0368As we walked, Eliza’s legs got tired so I gave Jeremiah the camera and lifted her up onto my shoulders. He snapped this photo of the kids and I. It’s very rare to have a picture with all of them in it so, I really treasure this.DSC_0403 Duck shack=perfect play area. DSC_0383 Walking back to the car, the moon rose up in the sky and Mount Baker was all shiny and glorious in the sun. What a beautiful area we live in!DSC_0389This trail is great for kids! You can grab the directions here.
DSC_0399 Sunday came and I headed out to join the PNW Outdoor Women’s group for a hike. We gathered at the Heather Lake trail head, right up Mountain Loop Highway. Before our hike, they passed out snacks, and tons of raffle prizes. Thank you Munk Pack, Sawyer Products, Choose Mountains and Tribe Provisions for sponsoring this hike!PNWOWHiking up the mountain, we went at our own pace. Some ladies had friends with them, while others were there for their first time. IMG_1025Everyone was super nice and I was so thankful to be able to do this hike with such a fun group of women.IMG_1022PNWOW1I know many women in our NW Healthy Mama community would love to get out and hike together. I’d love to see us joining this group so, be on the lookout for future adventure dates!IMG_1021This group plans events all over Washington and Oregon so, if you aren’t following them on Facebook , make sure you join in. IMG_1014 The road to the Heather Lake trail head was clear and the  hike was incredible. It’s a rather short hike, only about 5 miles round trip, with a 1000ft elevation gain. The last quarter or so of the hike was in snow  and although it was a touch slippery, I did just fine without cramp-ons. IMG_1013IMG_1015

So tell me about your weekend! What did you do? We have some GREAT posts coming up this week on NW Healthy Mama so stay tuned. 

Lots of love.

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