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From: A Fierce Flourishing, “Rhythms”, by Many Arioto.

“It feels to me like we, as a generation of sisters who are raising the world together, might need to call a time out. To call everyone in for a huddle and maybe find more life giving ways to move through the world. Because there are too many of us who are waking up at 3 ‘o clock in the morning and abusing ourselves for everything we aren’t. Aren’t doing, aren’t being, aren’t getting right. 

It seems to me that we need less striving and more life. 

Sometimes we need to hear, “Go play and spend time with people.” When we reorient ourselves to the fact that rest isn’t just silence and solitude, but rather anything that gives us life, it makes the concept of slowing down so much  more enjoyable.”

IMG_0906Today I want you to pause for a moment and ponder on what is life giving to you. Is it that feeling of satisfaction when you feed your family a healthy meal or when you choose to go to bed earlier, instead of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram late into the night? Is it  a dinner out with friends or a drive by yourself, while listening to your favorite podcast? What fills your life tank so full that you can’t help but spill the goodness out onto others?

For me, moving my body and being active with my favorite people is one of the best ways to “rest”. Yes, resting can be active, if that’s what helps you feel fully alive and well. Often working out, hiking and actively resting is something I do separate from my kids, but I don’t want it to always be that way. I want us to be able to be together, while experiencing life giving play and exercise.

Recently my girls and I spent a morning at Roo’s World of Discovery in Kirkland. Everyone there was so kind, friendly and positive. After settling in, the kids and I took a short Mommy and Me Yoga Class together. It was perfect for little ones with short attention spans. After the kids class was finished, my girls ran off to play and I stayed for the Adult Yoga class.  Roo's World

Turning my mat to face the play area, I was able to participate in a gentle and relaxing time of yoga, while my girls happily played on the incredible toys. To be in the same room as them, while doing yoga and also watching them play, was a new and unique experience for me. They usually don’t see their Mama practicing yoga. It was truly wonderful for them to see me taking care of myself, while having fun at the same time.

IMG_0919As I go through my days, I want to ask myself:  Is this activity, person or food helping me be kind to myself and those around me? I want to fill my days with things that are life giving. Food, conversations, adventures and people that encourage me to be my best self. There are so many ways to fill our lives with good things and our morning at Roo’s World was definitely special.

IMG_0909 IMG_0912Roo’s World has generously offered a 1 Day Pass for a NW Healthy Mama reader. This pass is the perfect time to go do something new and special with your little ones. We loved our Mommy and Me Yoga class and I know you will to.

Roo’s World offers a huge variety of classes. Check these out:

  • Circle Time
  • Low Sensory Hours- for those who need a calmer, less crowded environment to play
  • Daddy and Me Dates
  • Special Needs Working Parent Play dates
  • Mommy Mixer
  • New Baby Care classes
  • Baby Wearing Mamas
  • Essential Oils for a healthy family
  • Breastfeeding Essentials
  • Prenatal Meditation
  • Story Time Yoga
  • Grandparents Play date

To enter to win a 1 Day Pass for Roo’s World, use the Rafflecopter below:

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4 thoughts on “Mommy and Me Yoga at Roo’s World Giveaway!

  • Hannah

    I love this, Angela! Lately (with the birth of baby girl #2) I feel likens haven’t been spending much quality time with baby girl #1. I used to really enjoy yoga, but haven’t done it in years.
    I love doing things with Sofie that I love doing by myself — going to a park/beach, cooking and baking, and reading stories.
    Doing this with her would be so much fun.

  • Jayme Lambert

    I love doing yoga too! My boys (2 1/2 and 5 1/2) will copy my poses and it’s fun to watch. My favorite thing to do with my kids is taking them to a park or trail and walking and exploring. I love getting them outside and being outdoors with them getting some fresh air and excercise is always a bonus!