A Skagit Valley Saturday 4

I was originally scheduled to be at the NW Yoga Conference today. I’d been really looking forward to it, but something came up for my husband and this time, I needed to go let him do his fun thing. Most of the time I’m running around on the weekends, hiking and getting some “me time” in, but this time I knew it was his turn. So, I gave my ticket to Autumn (remember her? She wrote that awesome Whole 30 post) and  the kids and I spent the day running around with my Mom.IMG_1362I decided today that there are 3 different types of daffodil people.

The Three Daffodil Personalities:

1. The person who’s seen them once and thinks that yeah there’re pretty, but what’s the big deal? That person is annoyed with the traffic and is waiting until the lines shorten at  Snowgoose.

2. Then there’s the tourist. This person packs up all of his fancy camera gear and drives hours to see these glorious fields. He parks still partially on the road, pulls out his tripod and stays for half the day. He leaves with some awesome shots and probably doesn’t even know about Snowgoose Produce.

3. Then there are people like me. Locals or semi-locals who’ve seen the daffodils every year and still, we can’t get over how incredible they are. Each year we think they’re the best they’ve ever been. We know where to park, we know about Snowgoose (duh!) and we go see them at least twice. Our kids think we’re slightly crazy and they just wish they could pick them without getting yelled at. 
IMG_1372I’m totally Daffodil Personality #3. I’ve seen them  what…..15 years in a row now and I still can’t get over them. Today the wind was warm and as we parked and rolled down the windows, their sweet aroma filled the air. It was unreal how good they smelled!IMG_1358 When we came home, the kids spent the rest of the day playing outside. They had brown feet tonight at bath time. Spring really showed up today. Did you notice it, too?IMG_1329 Doing dishes, I watched my kids swinging and chatting together. I pulled the window partially open and I could feel it, winter is turning a corner and it’s packing up. We’ve made it through another wet, cold and dark season and brighter days  are ahead.  Days filled with less screen time and more dirty feet. More creativity and less time inside. IMG_1335IMG_1341If you’re crazy for the daffodils like I am, time is ticking and you need to go. 
IMG_1355 Today they were at their prime. They were perfectly open, the traffic wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining for us. IMG_1403How did you spend your Saturday? What’s thrilling you about spring right now? IMG_1373Not sure what’s happening here…..is she putting the daffodils on her back? Kids are so awesome….and weird.
IMG_1401Hoping you had a wonderful Saturday.

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