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IMG_1738Without reading back over every post I’ve written since NW Healthy Mama launched, off the top of my head, I feel like I haven’t shared too much of our personal story here. Today, I thought I’d unpack a bit more about my background and family, because without sharing my life, the posts of mine are missing something here. They’re like cake with no frosting, I guess.

So coming up on 1 year ago, we sold our cul-de-sac home. It was a home we had bought from the bank when the market was low in 2011. During our 4 years living there, we completely renovated it, added garden space, backyard chickens, fruit trees, herbs and flowers. While we poured love into that place, we always knew it was temporary. My husband and I both grew up on land and we’ve always wanted to raise our kids in a place that had trees to climb and adequate room for a big garden.

After selling last spring, we were blessed to find an awesome (and affordable) rental very close to the beach. We have kayaks and we love this area. It’s more than we could have asked for a temporary situation. We also bought 2 acres in a great location, in a school district we love and we’ll be building on it…..but building takes TIME….And if you’ve ever built, you know how complicated it can be and what a journey it is.

So, we play on the beach and I leave my dishes to go snap photos of rainbows over the water, like this one I posted yesterday. We hike. We garden on a small scale  and we really make the most of this temporary spot. Sometimes though…..I melt down about the process. Sometimes I forget all the blessings along the way and I just want our permanent spot NOW. In general,  I’m a very positive person, but the journey and the unknown once in awhile, send me down into a spiral of what-ifs and major mental garbage.

Saturday night was one of those. After the kids were in bed, we reviewed yet another email from the builder. It was a GOOD email, but still the journey…the time…the money and the desire for our permanent place. All of those things coupled with tiredness had me in a Negative-Nellie mood.

Sitting there, complaining to my husband, he looked at me and clued me in on something. Just a few moments prior, he had tucked in our 7 year old son, and when he’d asked him about the best part of his day, he said, “Well Daddy, I  had about ten.” When I heard this, I knew that although we might be renting while we build and I might want it all done NOW,  it’s not all bad. It’s actually quite good and there’s so much to be thankful for, even when our situation isn’t ideal (did I mention we decided to only unpack half of our things?).

Saturday was just what our kids needed. There was no homework. No practices. No commitments. Don’t get me wrong, because I personally love all those things and my kids are thriving with their regular activities, but from time to time, kids just take a break.  They played Legos before breakfast, ran, climbed and jumped. They threw rocks, got filthy dirty by dinnertime and even got to have the first BBQ of the year outside.

I get so bent out of shape sometimes wanting to live on our land NOW that I forget all the blessings around me. Do you know how good it is just do something as simple as spend a day at the park with your family? Kids thrive on this stuff. They need days off, with their people. They need to feel like they’re part of the team, not just a passenger in the minivan. 

For our Saturday hike and beach time, we went to Cama Beach. The “Cranberry Lake” trail is perfect for little ones and the beach is just about as gorgeous as it can get. If you’re in the area, definitely pack a picnic and go check it out. They also have little cabins we’re going to look into renting this summer. There’s so much to experience in this area, this is a place you should add to your list.

A few photos from our day at Cama Beach:

****And for the record, once we DO start building, which will hopefully be before summer (praying!), I’m sure I’ll be sharing a bit about the process here. I’d love to walk you through it, in case you’re ever crazy like us, and you think it’s something you’d like to do!IMG_1763IMG_1784IMG_1779IMG_1788IMG_1797 IMG_1791IMG_1744

And now…. A few Instagram features from last week! The way you gals are using #NWHealthyMama is thrilling me! Your PNW lives are interesting, beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and being part of this community. 

From @themintgardener “I have been blessed with the coolest connections here on@Instagram. I’m so thankful for YOU friends, this community and an amazing creative space to see and explore. Thank you for your comments and likes – I read and appreciate every single one. Here’s to many more posts, friendships, collaborations and stunning, artistic squares – CHEERS ☕️☕️ (clink clink with coffee, because that sounds so good right now)!”

Fullscreen capture 3212016 14449 PM.bmp

From @chelseyer3 “Yoga baby. Downward dog!”

Chrome Legacy Window 3212016 14952 PM.bmp

From @riverandbeausSpent most of the day at our favorite (and quiet) little beach on Guemes Island. #fiveminuteferryrides

Chrome Legacy Window 3212016 15232 PM.bmp

From @playingwholewholetime Yoga in the wild feels better than yoga anywhere else.”Chrome Legacy Window 3212016 15433 PM.bmp

From @whole_sky_photographyItty bitty sprouts of kale, making their way.”Chrome Legacy Window 3212016 15745 PM.bmp

Thanks again for your sweet comments, for participating on Facebook, Instagram and for sharing our posts. You’re all amazing!

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