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IMG_2069 After hiking in the rain since late October,  being in the sunshine over the weekend was absolutely glorious! Little Si is just outside of North Bend and was really easy to find. We pulled into the parking lot just a few minutes after 9am and oh man, the WTA website isn’t joking when they say it fills up early! We circled around both parking lots many times before having to double park with the another car who was part of our group. Not recommending this.IMG_2070 On our way up the trail, we came across an area for climbers. We stopped for a short time and watched them—-so impressive!IMG_2072 Continuing on, the trail climbed with breaks of sunshine filtering through the trees along the way. The trail was moderately busy on the way up, but everyone was really nice. 

Pictured below: my cute pregnant sister and I. At 24 weeks, she rocked this hike!IMG_9713

IMG_2076 IMG_2077 IMG_2082 IMG_2086 IMG_2102

Top 5 things I loved about this hike:

  1. One of my favorite things were all the families we saw along the way. We saw couples wearing their little ones, Dads with kids and at the top, there was a sweet Mama sitting there having lunch with her daughter.  This hike might be too challenging for some kids, but we saw lots out there who were having fun.
  2. The view! For a shorter, not super challenging hike, the view was incredible!
  3. The parking lot being right off the main road, with a bathroom. No long, bumpy road!
  4. The trail was really pretty and a good workout, too.  
  5. There was cell service. Okay, I realize some people might see this as a negative, but I liked knowing my family could get a hold of me if needed.

Top 3 negative things about this hike:

  1. The parking lot fills up FAST. If you want to do this hike on the weekend, get there early, and I mean early.
  2. Because it’s close to the city, it’s a little crowded on a nice day. 
  3. At the top you can slightly hear the freeway noise. It’s not awful, but if you’re looking for silence, this might not be your favorite place.


Here are the details:

Pass Required: Discover Pass

Length: 4.7 miles roundtrip

Elevation gain: 1300 ft.

 Directions (from the WTA website): Traveling on I-90 East, approaching North Bend, take exit for 436th Ave SE and turn left. Head 0.5 miles on 436 Ave SE and take a left on SE North Bend Way. Proceed 0.3 miles and turn right on SE Mount Si Road. The main parking lot for Little Si will be 0.4 miles on your left as the road straightens out after the bend (if you pass 439 Pl SE or 440 PL SE, you have driven too far).

There is an overflow parking lot west of the main lot tucked into SE Mt Si Rd and 434 Ave SE. There is a trail connecting the two. Be warned that both lots may be full on weekends. There are two toilets in the main parking just off the trailhead. Discover Pass is required.

What did you do over the weekend?


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3 thoughts on “Little Si

  • Ingunn

    There’s a section on that trail that I love, between the rock climbing area but before you start climbing up – so lush and mossy and ferny! We had a great weekend, my parents are visiting from Norway and my daughter is showing them all her favorite places. 😉 On Saturday we went to St. Edwards where they could play in the amazing playground while I ran the trails, and yesterday we went snowshoeing on Mount Rainier. Nora LOVED sliding on the snow!