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If we sat down in real life, it wouldn’t take you long to discover that I’m a small town girl. I love days without makeup. I get all giddy when I  see my friends in the grocery store and I really enjoy being around people who I don’t feel like I need to get “fancy” for.  

When I was invited to join a group of incredible women for Brunch Bootcamp at Sur La Table in Kirkland, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimated. I emailed my friend Portia, from Obesessd by Portia and asked her if she’d like to ride with me. Before I picked her up, she was so sweet and bought me a coffee. Of course, the chocolate covered coffee beans on top of the drink melted and on our way to the event, I got chocolate ALL over myself…. On my dress, my hands, face and arms. Driving down the road, trying to wipe myself up with a baby wipe, I couldn’t help but laugh. I am coming to represent NW Healthy Mama, I can’t be the girl with melted chocolate all over her, but this is my life! I find myself in these places with well put together women and I’m just there smiling, so incredibly thankful for the fun opportunities life throws, but with chocolate all over. I am sort of a very happy, thankful, MESS. 

For this reason, I love people like Jen Hatmaker and Glennon Melton so much. They speak. They go places. They do all their things, but I don’t see them as incredibly well put together either and it sort of blesses my socks off. Not that I want them to have chocolate on their dresses either, but there’s something nice to know you don’t always have to be perfect to do your thing, know what I mean? 

So…..Brunch Boot Camp.  It was incredible. Everyone was so kind and I learned so much. For almost 2 hours, I couldn’t stop smiling (especially when I saw we would be standing behind counters, so the chocolate on my dress would be hidden). We cooked, ate a ton, tried delicious cocktails and learned how to arrange flowers. By the time we left, my head was full of new, inspiring and beautiful Mother’s Day brunch ideas. I no longer felt out of place. I was  inspired and motivated to try some new recipes at home…..and I’d made new friends. DSC_0994Gathering in the kitchen at  the gorgeous Sur La Table in Kirkland, we started out with delightful breakfast cocktails and amazing appetizers.DSC_0995Everything was super delicious, but my personal favorite was this Shrimp Fennel Salad Croissant. One of the best things I’ve eaten….maybe EVER. The taste was fresh, light and perfectly crisp. I will be recreating these for sure. DSC_1000The smoked salmon and fresh fruit with a lemon yogurt dipping sauce were amazing as well. Why do we forget how special fruit can be, when paired with a unique dipping sauce? So simple and relatively healthy, too!DSC_0002After we settled in, Whole Foods’ Chef Hayden took the stage and taught us some great recipes! What I loved is how he included us in the cooking process.  As he cooked the Bloody Mary Benedict, he recruited volunteers. For someone like me, who’s a hands-on learner, this was a great way to really understand the techniques. 
DSC_0014 The Bloody Mary Benedict with Hollandaise was incredible. If you’re looking for a new brunch recipe, you need to try this. 

(Click on the photo to view a larger recipe)
PicMonkey CollagePair your Eggs Benedict with this Mango Thai Basil Spritzer. This drink was light and refreshing and it’s a really simple drink to make.PicMonkey Collage1(click on the photo to view a larger recipe)

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I sure hope you’re celebrated well, because you basically make the world go around for your family. You do so much and you are amazing. If you could eat anything on Mother’s Day, what would it be? 

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  • Ever In Green

    Though I didn’t get to meet you properly, it was so fun to be at the Whole Foods brunch with you and such an outstanding group of women. Had I known who you were at the time, I would have introduced myself!

    I enjoyed your post on the event. I, too, am a small town girl living in a big city world! For the record, I didn’t notice any melted chocolate on your dress and you seemed very self assured! 🙂

    I loved all the elements of this inspirational afternoon. Such great food and fun. Love your pictures.

    Nicole ( 1/2 of Ever In Green)

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