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Over spring break, we visited the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park for the first time. I knew we’d love it, but we were completely blown away!  Like, WOW! We can not wait to go back! Their new Kids Trek Nature Inspired Playground had our kiddos running, climbing and exploring all the way until I had to pull them away for the Tram Tour, which also left us in complete awe. We truly love this place!

The new one-of-a-kind playground is an adventure land of nature-inspired play for toddlers to tweens. Each visit to Kids’ Trek is FREE with admission or membership. The cool thing is here on NW Healthy Mama, we’re giving away TWO Family 4-Packs of Tickets! DSC_0876When we arrived, we noticed that the parking lots were pretty full, but surprisingly, the line to get into the park was amazingly short. The staff were friendly and they handed all of us maps, and also signed us up for the Tram Tour. Purposefully, we chose a tour about 2 hours after our arrival. The kids wanted to head straight for the Nature Playground and like all kids, once they start playing, it’s hard to pull them away. DSC_0877For almost two hours they climbed…..DSC_0882Explored…….DSC_0884 Balanced…..DSC_0897Dug……DSC_0914 And played…..Just like kids should. DSC_0921I kept an eye on them while enjoying the details of this park. A shallow stream runs through it. It’s stroller accessible and impressively fun for a wide variety of ages. It’s bordered by a lush forest. There’s so much to love!DSC_0886 A covered picnic area is perfectly located right next to the playground and there are more than enough benches for parents to hangout on, while their kids play. When it was time for us to go, we headed for the bathrooms first and then to the Tram Tour loading area, that is just a short walk away. Again, we were impressed with how short all of the lines were considering what a gorgeous day it was. DSC_0900The Tram Tour was a comfortable ride through the 435 acres of stunning meadows and forests. Many times, we were eye-to-eye with fascinating animals as they live in their natural habitat.
DSC_0935Before we even started moving, we spotted these caribou right outside the window. The kids and I had never seen anything like this before! It was such fun to experience this with them. DSC_0937A bighorn sheep, just hanging out beside the road. DSC_0947While we were on the tour, our guide told us that just hours before, a Bighorn Sheep had given birth. As we drove through the forest, we spotted the new  baby up on the hillside, staying safe with it’s Mama. It was still shaky and barely able to stand. The kids (and I), loved seeing this new baby out in nature, so fresh and new!
DSC_0954A mountain goat, just chillin’. DSC_0959One of our favorites….Bison!
DSC_0963There’s something so special about experiencing this wonderful area as a family. There’s so much life to be seen and an endless amount to learn. Experiences like this teach our kids to slow down and pay attention to what’s happening around them. Eyes are opened to fascinating things in their own backyard and their imaginations are sparked. 

We loved the new Nature Inspired Playground and the Tram Tour so much. Easily we could spend an entire day here and I’m sure we’ll be back!DSC_0950

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein
 And now…here’s the fun part! A BIG thanks to Northwest Trek for allowing us to giveaway TWO Family 4-Packs of Tickets! Here on NW Healthy Mama, we are all about encouraging you to get outside with your family and experience this wonderful area in which we live. Northwest Trek represents all of this. Fun. Fresh air. Everything NW. We are in love! Enter to win some tickets below and promise us you’ll come back and share about your adventure!
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