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IMG_3641We came back today from what some people might consider a disaster of a camping trip. But to us, it was anything but that. It started raining 10 minutes after we got set up. After quickly eating dinner, our family retreated much earlier than planned into our tent. Listening to the rain pound hard on the roof, we read books, ate snacks and simply spent time together. 

IMG_3649After dark, the kids drifted off  to sleep, tucked warm into their sleeping bags. Sleep didn’t come easily for me, so I listened to the rain fall while my babies slept all around my husband and I.

I never realize how much our family craves uninterrupted time together until we’re there….offline….reading…peeing in the woods…eating special camping food. We only have so many summers as a family and if we don’t master family time while their little, we might never master it. When I think about our family, I want our kids to remember my husband and I as the people who made even a camping trip in the rain fun.

From this short camping trip, I’ll remember the way our youngest looked tucked way down into her sleeping bag. I’ll remember how our oldest left his shoes at home and how he was so upset with himself for getting in the car, with only socks on. I’ll also remember how he ate more Oreos than anyone else and how he laughed hysterically about how much he likes them.  And our middle girl….I’ll remember the way she was saying my name in her sleep. She’s getting big but she still needs me.IMG_3637

Family time. 

In any shape or form, uninterrupted time together is everything. Put your phone away for a day Mama friends. I know.  It’s hard, really hard. We’re all addicted to our busy lives and our distractions. But gather your kids up and read to them. Look at them. Think about what they need from you and then tuck those thoughts into your heart. Do something adventurous with your husband and when it goes all wrong, hug him and challenge each other to make it good, despite the circumstances. 

Camping in the rain. Not as bad as you’d think it might be.IMG_3642

Where we stayed: Camano Island State Park. Camp sites are first come, first serve. This park has gorgeous beaches, spacious campsites and lots of nice trails. We loved it! 

IMG_3657Where we ate: Pierre’s Bakery in the Camano Island Market. Pierre, a french pastry chef, makes the BEST pastries I’ve ever had. You must go. And while you’re at it, get coffee from Camano Island Coffee Roasters. SO GOOD!  

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