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DSC_0212After a morning filled with lots of activities, my family needed rest, but it wasn’t the lying on the couch kind of rest that we needed and so we ended up here. Since this place is so special I thought I’d share it, although most of you probably know about it and love it, just like I do.
DSC_0215Walking along, I watched my people. Our son was up ahead with a new stick. Demolishing the blackberries that threatened to grow over the path, he led the way. Our middle girl was picking flowers and tucking them into her hair and our baby was trailing behind, taking in every detail.DSC_0217The wind blew in my hair and the air smelled like wild roses. As everyone settled into their own rhythm, I knew that this is what rest feels like for me. Some people crave couch time. For me, I crave walks with my family, where my kids are free to just be kids. DSC_0228When I spoke at a local MOPS group recently, I talked a lot about finding time to fit what we love into Motherhood. I also mentioned that what we love often isn’t expensive and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Afternoons like this are part of what I personally love. I discipline my kids a lot LESS when we’re outside and it just feels right to raise them to love this amazing area we live in.DSC_0236Even in today’s busy culture, I think it’s still entirely possible to find the kind of rest that brings us back to our best selves. What this means for me is hiking with my family, taking photos and allowing myself to see all the incredible blessings around me. What do you find restful? What do you love?DSC_0234If you’re looking for a new place to walk with your kids, or if you’re wanting to simply experience a beautiful trail, consider checking out the Iverson Loop Trail! This hike is about as kid-friendly as they come and since it’s nice and short (maybe a mile or two), it’s perfect for those days when you’re short on time. DSC_0238Right now the wildflowers are in bloom and there’s wildlife everywhere to observe with your kiddos.DSC_0244DSC_0240Today  I went on ahead of my family to take a few photos and when I turned around, I saw this.  This is everything, you guys. Kids cry, they need to be carried sometimes. They fight…sometimes parents fight. Sometimes we wonder why we even bother with it all. But when you stop and watch your people, there is so very much to be thankful for. DSC_0247DSC_0241DSC_0248DSC_0250Here are the details for the Iverson Loop Trial: 

Who: You, your dogs (on leash) and your kids. This trail is VERY kid friendly, since it’s short, perfectly flat and without any steep areas. 

Where:  From Interstate 5, take Exit 212 and head west 10 miles on Highway 532 through Stanwood and over the bridge to Camano Island. Stay left on East Camano Drive, where the road splits, then at the light turn left on Sunrise Boulevard and go 2.5 miles. Turn left on Iverson Beach Road, turn left at the “T,” go down the hill, turn left at the next “T,” and drive to the preserve at the end of the road.

Have you done any fun family adventures lately? If so, where? What are you finding restful lately?

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