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IMG_3077On Saturday night I laughed as I told my husband how I wanted to hike on Mother’s Day and I wanted to actually do a real hike, and everyone should love it. It was almost like I could hear all the other women around the area saying the same thing, at the same time as me. “We will hike and you all we love it!” My husband has a great attitude so he went along with the hiking plan and we picked Cascade Lake on Orcas Island. It was going to be perfect- we were excited.
DSC_0271On Mother’s Day I woke up before everyone, but they quickly had me get back in bed. A little while later, the kids came in with coffee, handmade cards and Daddy followed with a delicious omelet. After eating, we all got ready and left the house to catch the ferry.
DSC_0275We made it on time, but couldn’t believe it when the lady at the ticket counter told us all returning ferries were sold out. If we were to drive on, we wouldn’t be able to return until 10:30pm.  Why hadn’t we thought of this? We didn’t even know you can reserve a spot on the ferry! Now we know for next time, I guess!DSC_0281So we quickly tried to park the car, but all the parking lots were full. Driving around again and again, we saw the cars unloading off the ferry. Time was creeping up on us and if we didn’t park, we were going to miss the boat. 
DSC_0286Circling around again, we saw a sign pointing to an upper parking lot. We drove through the woods, twisting and turning up and up, until we reached the very last parking lot. Parked, I threw Eliza on my back and we grabbed our bags. The trail down to the ferry was LONG since this parking lot was FAR away. We ran and ran…..making it just barely in time.  By the time we were seated on the ferry, we were all laughing and sweaty. We had almost missed it and we didn’t have our car. How were we supposed to hike now? Clearly we wouldn’t be able  to walk to the trail, since it was many miles away from the ferry dock.
DSC_0293We decided we wouldn’t be able to stay on the island long since we didn’t have our car and there wasn’t much to do within walking distance so, we settled in and just enjoyed the ride. We saw the back of one whale, lots of interesting boats and the kids had a great time. DSC_0314When we arrived at Orcas Island, we got off the boat for just a few minutes, before walking back on. Since we’d planned on bringing the car, we hadn’t brought a stroller or anything with us and there wasn’t much for us to do within a short walking distance.
DSC_0315Sometimes I feel like our kids are all getting so big, but days like this one remind me that they are still young. This girl is a new 3. Her legs still get tired and she likes being carried. DSC_0280The kids were so good on the boat, but of course they were a little wild, too. Our family is young, a little crazy, a little loud and I get stressed sometimes, but I wouldn’t change anything.
DSC_0261Even though we couldn’t hike or explore the island, family time was so good. Adventuring  with them is what matters, whether we’re riding a ferry or hiking, I just love being Mama to these three. And hey- I think we all agreed that a “redo” needs to happen soon, with our car. We still want to take that hike! 

What are some of your favorite things to do on Orcas Island? What should we add to our list?
IMG_3109Brand-Ambassador-2A big thank you to The Patchery, for allowing me to be an ambassador and for the opportunity to design the outfits in this post for my girls. To design a unique piece of clothing, perfect for play, outings, church and everything in between, be sure to visit The Patchery’s websiteWhen you order, use the code HealthyMama15 to receive 15% off your total order! DSC_0263So what did you do for Mother’s Day? Did it go as planned?

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