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This girl. I have a story I’ve got to share with you guys about her.
I met her for the first time at a MOPS regional conference (any other MOPS Moms out there???). When she walked in the room, I knew she looked familiar. Instagram! Haha! I poked my sister and said, “I think I know her!” Scrolling through my phone real quick, trying to keep it under the table, I got nervous. It WAS her and since I’m the kind of person that has to say “hi” (even if it makes me sweat), I went over and said something like “Hey! I know this is weird, but are you Bethany?!” I was so awkward, but she had MAJOR grace with me.
We laughed, chatted for a moment and ever since then, I’ve grown in deeper respect for this Mama, MOPS leader and homesteader. She is amazing and what an honor it is to have her here, guest posting today! Please be sure to welcome her well and leave her some encouraging words! -Angela


Photo credit: Andi Ray Photography

Sun breaks through the alder trees while our chickens cluck a comical chorus, demanding to be released from their overnight lodgings. Little green sprouts blanket each dewy row and another day starts at Creekside Homestead. Grass between our toes, dirt on our hands and a plentiful harvest enlivens our spirits; the antics of farm life are sure never to disappoint. Nature’s diversity and freedom calls us to explore and cultivate our land.


Photo credit: Tasha Vanasse Photographer


Photo credit: Tasha Vanasse Photographer


Photo credit: Tasha Vanasse Photographer

My second generation Scandinavian grandparents moved here in the 1950’s, built their home, and developed this land themselves. They knew how to sustain a family with limited resources and hard work. This legacy is part of the inspiration for our homestead. Also, Vikings. Growing up, conversations involving our immigrant and pioneering heritage always seemed to come full circle to our pillaging ancestors. Berserkers were terrifying and awesome. Scandinavian family traditions centered around self-sustaining household skills necessary for survival. We enjoy living out these traditions that kept families supported and connected. Minus the brutal warfare and plundering, but everything else.CreeksideHomestead_057


Photo credit: Tasha Vanasse Photographer

Located in the hardy Pacific Northwest, Creekside Homestead is tucked away on forested acreage. Development of the property has been gradual; we’ve left many wide open pastures and densely forested wetland.  We’re experimenting with what types of crops do the best in moist clay soils amended with organic compost. This year beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, and garlic are happily growing in raised beds in our fenced garden while varieties of pumpkins and squash are planted in the south-east field. Our hens, which we believe have gone through an existential crisis and now identify themselves as human, follow us around weeding and chasing bugs as they go. They’d also like to run the mower, but we have to draw the line somewhere.


Photo credit: Andi Ray Photography

Our little family is comprised of my husband, myself and our two small man cubs. Our boys love to help plant and harvest from our garden. We also enjoy being farmers with my enthusiastic parents who share in this lifestyle with us. Together, we are eager to explore the possibilities of a sustainable business. Regardless the future of our ‘stead, we are joyfully celebrating this season of growth as we steadily create a meaningful family legacy.


Photo credit: Andi Ray Photography


Bethany loves coffee, jazz, and Jesus. If she gets any time alone, she’d scamper off to paint, get inventive with her dehydrator, or watch Star Wars. She is married to a tall and epically humorous fisherman. They share two boys who she lovingly refers to as her dragon babies. If she isn’t working on the homestead, then she is listening to sermons by Tim Keller, coordinating her local MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group, or watching Fixer Upper. Find her on Instagram or Facebook.

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