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DSC_0547Wow! We did it! We had our first NW Healthy Mama meetup and oh my word, it was fun. No matter how you garden, or what you believe to be the “best way”, there’s nothing like spending a sunny afternoon around a group of people who are positive and excited to learn. 

I’d planned to get a group photo, but some of the ladies had to leave early for ferry rides etc. so this is the best we could do. You’ll recognize some of these faces, I’m sure! A few of these gals have written some amazing guest posts for this site!DSC_0577Paul radiated with a love for what he does and the women who came were all easy to talk with and super sweet. I personally learned a bunch of things I want to try out in our own family garden, but more importantly, I learned how incredible it is to love what you do and go after the things you’re naturally drawn towards. Whether it’s gardening, teaching, volunteering for something, helping your kids, whatever—–we are all gifted at something and the world needs us to use our gifts. DSC_0550At the end of this video, Paul says a few words that were my favorite part of the whole tour. He knows he was meant for this. It’s his life purpose and by sharing what he loves, he is blessing many, many people.

Here’s a short video sharing about our time:


A big thank you to Paul for hosting us. If you’d ever like to tour his garden, you can find more information here. I was expecting the tour to maybe be an hour, but it went for more like 4 hours, so be prepared to spend a day at his place. 

Also, I’d like to thank Andi Ray Photography, Mamma Chia and Skout Organic for helping to fill our goodie bags with wonderful things! IMG_4026


“One if my biggest takeaways from the Garden of Eden tour, is that influence is huge. How we perceive why we are ‘supposed’ to do things often drives us forward more than keeping it simple and basic. I was reminded I can keep a garden purely because it brings me joy to be amongst the spiraling grapes and sprawling squash; not because I need to preserve all the things and worry about tending my plants perfectly. This right here offers great abundance in spirit and soul, and that’s everything.”- Andrea Laughery

DSC_0571Thank you to the women who came for being so fun and kind. If we do another get together in the future, what types of events would interest you all? And what  location would you prefer?

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