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IMG_4232Last week my hubby and I got away for our first overnight trip in 4 years. After dropping the kids at my sister’s house, we headed to the Skagit Coop and the Woolley Market to load up on yummy snacks. Then after a stop at Woods Coffee, we were on our way! We drove straight to the Deception Pass State Park and reserved our spot for the night. We LOVED our site and had the best time there….but more on that later. Today I’m just sharing about where we kayaked.

When we bought our kayaks last year from Costco, the plan is that kayaking would be something we do when we go on dates together. We’re not those people who are blessed to have weekly dates, so when we do get out, just the two of us, we really try to soak it up.
DSC_0655If you’ve been reading NW Healthy Mama for any amount of time, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a Mama who loves adventure, but I also struggle with anxiety sometimes. A few years ago, I made the decision that life can be too good to let anxiety take charge and so even though it’s still something I struggle with, I’ve found many ways to still live the life full of adventure that I crave.

With all that being said, what I’m getting at is that I’m not the kind of girl who’s comfortable just kayaking anywhere…I need to feel safe. And so because of this, when we find a new spot that’s super gorgeous, easy to get to and safe, I’m thrilled.

IMG_4229Bowman Bay was fairly smooth, easy to find, beautiful and such a dream to kayak. There’s a little boat launch, where we put our boats in and then we were off! Taking it all in, we slowly made our way around the Bay. Isn’t this dock fun? 
DSC_0658Coming across this perfect picnic spot, we pulled over and ate our lunch. A picnic spot, that’s only accessible by boat? Yes, this was amazing! 
IMG_4303 bowman bay mapIMG_4252We didn’t see any seals, but  I’ve heard that they’re common out here. Here’s to adventures in the sunshine, letting (smart) bravery win, times on the water, exercise, and dates that strengthen marriages. 

If you haven’t kayaked in Bowman Bay yet, get it on your list! 

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