DSC_0796At the end of my row, with a full bucket, I looked over, not expecting to see what happened next. Big sister gave little sister a strong push on the swings and right there, in the middle of the blueberry farm, my three year old started pumping on the swing for the first time. Up, up and up she went, with hesitant, but determined little legs. Loosing all awareness of who and what were around me, I set my bucket down and started cheering at the top of my lungs. “You’re pumping!!! You’re pumping!!! You’re doing it! Keep going! In! Out! Baby, you’re doing it!” 

And then it occurred to me that other people were around. Gaining composure, I looked to my right and there stood a beautiful Mama smiling at me. Laughing I said, “Oh sorry! ……but….she’s pumping!!!”. This Mom had her son next to her and she smiled, “I saw! That’s awesome! No need to be sorry! I’d be excited, too!”

That you guys is why I love Moms and I love our community. When we cheer a little too loudly, over something that might seem small, other  Moms don’t give us the crazy eye, they join in. 

It thrills me. It makes me want you all (whoever you are), to know that I am SO CHEERING FOR YOU. So cheering for your joy, for you to know your incredible worth, for you to know how strong, brilliant and capable you are. And for you to know that all the little things you do are amazing.DSC_0825Here in the NW Healthy Mama community, I love that somehow over the last year, a space has been created where women from around the area can share about the cool things they’re doing. I love that we love each other and support each other.   You all are the bomb. Do you know it? I sure hope you do. I love that while my husband brushes our kids teeth, I can fall onto the couch for a moment and write a short Facebook vent about how my voice literally hurts from talking to my kids all day and you guys GET IT. Not only do you understand, but you share your own tired-voice stories and they are GOOD too! Then when bedtime takes longer than normal and I need to continue TALKING, I smile inside, because I know you’re at your houses saying SO MANY WORDS also.DSC_0820I went to bed the other night thinking about how awesome it is that we as women can love having a clean home and also love the feeling of mud squishing between our toes on the beach. We can love our kids more than anything in the world and still admit that we need a break.

We can be strong and soft. Smart, without a degree. We can love hiking, farming and all sorts of things that together don’t make any sense.  We don’t have to choose which box we will fit into. Instead, we get to be the women who break down walls and choose to allow ourselves to love all of the things that bring more life into our souls. Kids. Husband time. Times with girlfriends. Saying a brave yes to something that matters and letting go of things that don’t fit our lives. DSC_0794Even cooler, our kids get to watch us cheer for each other and for them. Our kids get to watch us carve out friend time or time to grow stronger.  They get to witness us love big and sometimes admit to being scared. DSC_0807

When I kiss my babies and tell them I’m going to go hike with my friends for a few hours while they hangout with Daddy, I really don’t feel bad. The reason is because someday they’ll be moms and dads, and I sure hope they’ll leave from time to time, to do things that make them stronger and grow their relationships.  When I come home, I show them the pictures and their eyes sparkle. Even as little ones, they get it. 

DSC_0815So, thank you to the dear Mom who understood my crazy cheering at the blueberry farm and thank you big sister for volunteering to push your little sister on the swing.  You didn’t know it, but today one push was all it took. You were in it for longer, but she just needed you there to get her going……

One of my new goals is to look for the people in my life who need someone to really cheer next to them, ‘cuz man it feels good to hold nothing back. DSC_0789Lastly, if you’re sort of local’ish and you need an awesome picking spot, be sure to check out Bryant Blueberry Farm. We LOVE this place and the bushes are loaded right now. There’s nothing to NOT love about this place.
Brand-Ambassador-2As you can see, we’re still LOVING our Patchery Outfits (purple, pictured above). These clothes are perfect for my active girls, who can’t hold still for 30 seconds. I especially love the one piece rompers because I know we won’t have any embarrassing outfit mishaps. Sure, hang upside down on the swings or try to pull your pants down out in public. Try it girl…it ain’t happenin’! Thank you Patchery, for keeping us covered (literally). 
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Lots of love, loud cheering and happy summer days. 

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About Angela Strand

Angela is a wife, mama to three little ones and a lifelong Washington State resident. Besides facilitating the NW Healthy Mama website, she loves being involved in her kids' school, hiking with her girlfriends, growing all the things, writing, reading and taking photos.

5 thoughts on “SO CHEERING FOR YOU

  • Lesley

    I absolutely adore your blogs for many reasons, yet mostly b/c you encourage people to be better, do better. A better person, kinder, nicer, more loving, accepting, etc. I never birthed any kiddos of my own, however I get so much encouragement from your blogs to encourage and recognize other Momma’s/people. Just the other day I went to the grocery after work and witnessed a boy (probably around 7-9 yrs old) close the van door on the driver’s side for his Mom and hop in the back. I happen to park next to her and as I got out I said “Good job with your son Momma”. She beamed a large smile and said “Thanks”. I can not proclaim to know how that felt to her, however it is always a good thing to share a complement and some love. <3 Thank you for this space Angela and sharing your life the way you do…. Authentically. <3
    Blessings and love from Ohio,
    Lesley 🙂

  • Kate

    Love it! We’ve been trying to teach Bergen to pump for at least a year now, and it just hasn’t stuck, so yes, I’d be just like you hooting and hollering–that IS so exciting!! Hoping to go berry picking sometime this summer–looks like such a lovely spot!

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