3 Recipe Apps for Healthy Living

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In her most recent pregnancy, Sandra had the unhealthiest cravings, and so she decided to be more active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle for her and her family. She has discovered the key in feeding her family is finding healthful alternatives to fast food favorites, and now her kids love kale chips just as much as she does.Swimming Rama 1

We all know the key to better living is to lead a healthy lifestyle; however, like anyone will tell you, it’s easier said than done. You have to increase your awareness of how you treat your body and find the motivation to make positive changes in your life. Having the will to exercise is a challenge, but the real obstacle is adjusting to a healthy diet. It’s a struggle that most of us have, as scientific studies reveal our taste buds being genetically wired to crave food high in calories and fat.

To avoid submitting to our cravings (or minimizing them), we need all the help we can get, and now that there is literally an app for everything, our smartphones are the perfect partners in our journey to healthy living. While games will always be the most popular category among the apps market, with mobile gaming companies offering a plethora of themes and options for freeplay, health and food apps have gained a lot of traction over the last couple of years, trumping other app types and indicating how much trust we put on our digital companions to make the right food choices.


The kitchen can be an intimidating place for the novice cook, and for the home cooks venturing into clean eating for the first time. It helps someone–or in this case, something–more experienced in this arena, like SideChef, which will instruct you by voice on meal prep and cooking. The integrated timers also ensure that you’re cooking hands are free, so you can focus on what really matters: taste, execution, and presentation.

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One of the top picks from a nutritionist, this app offers a myriad of suggestions on how to cook ingredients from your favorite healthy food store. Create your shopping lists on this app, organize the entire week’s meal plan, or check out what dishes you can make based on the ingredients you’ve already got on hand.

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Arguably the only app you’ll need to transition into healthful eating, this app contains over 500,000 recipes from the website which hosts the largest collection of healthy recipes online. Searches can be filtered by cuisine, meal, and special dietary needs, with each recipe displaying the calorie count, as well as carbs and 10 other nutrients to find out what benefits you’re getting from the dishes prepared.

What is your favorite app for healthy living?

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