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We’ve been married for almost 8 years. Throughout these years, I’ve heard a number of ladies talk about how their parents take the kids for a week here and there, or how they have a date night weekly. These weeks away or regular dates have simply not been something I can relate to. Sure, I’m happy for these friends (and a little jealous sometimes), but a week without parenting? That just doesn’t happen for us.

Before a recent 24 hours away camping, our last time away was when we went to A Weekend to Remember…..4 years ago. We’d had date nights in between, but  nothing regular. We were more than overdue for this. I’m guessing most couples are. DSC_0672 After dropping our kids off at my sister’s, we ran to the Skagit Coop for yummy snacks, since I had a giftcard from a photography contest I won. Then of course, we went to Woods Coffee, before heading to the campground.

The Deception Pass State Park  is where we were engaged and we’ve spent many days here as a family, hiking around and exploring. We love it here and we were so excited to finally stay overnight in the campground.DSC_0673 While checking in, the park ranger recommended site 117, saying it was one of the best tent sites in the place. We hopped back in the car, drove around the campground to check things out and oh my word, yes. This campsite was amazing. Can you see Cranberry Lake through the trees?  Not pictured is a view of the  ocean as well. The site was a short walk to the bathrooms, a short walk to the beach and close enough to carry our kayaks to the lake. It was perfect and we are so thankful for the nice park ranger, who told us about it. DSC_0677  If you’re looking for a great campground that still has reservations open for the summer,  you’d love this place. When it was time for us to pack up, we kept on joking about going to get our kids and just coming back to stay a few nights. We want to bring them back and stay for a few days. We’ll play on the beach, take the kayaks out in the lake, go swimming, hiking and exploring.DSC_0679After dinner and kayaking, we climbed up on this hill above West Beach to watch the sunset. I would NOT recommend this sunset spot for your little guys, since the drop off is insane, but for you and your hubby? Yes! DSC_0683Can you spot the seal? While the sun went down, we watched 3 of them out there, floating and playing.DSC_0684It’s amazing what 24 hours away can do for a marriage. Especially when you’re neck deep in the season of raising a handful of little ones. Still smiling when I think about this sunset, while seals played down below. Time together. It doesn’t need to be fancy and you don’t even need to go far. It might seem like a lot of work to pack everyone up and make it happen, but it’s worth it!DSC_0693 DSC_0700Camp mornings. Coffee, granola and yogurt. What’s your favorite camp breakfast?DSC_0724What are some of your favorite camping spots? Have you camped at Deception Pass yet? This time away was so perfect and we can’t wait to come back with our kids.

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