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DSC_0847This was our 25th Ladies Hike (a monthly group my sister and I started a couple years ago).  We  picked this one because as  you can see, my sister is about to have a baby! Isn’t she so darling? On our hike, she was 36 weeks pregnant so, this relatively flat trail was perfect. Although we walked something like 6 miles, it was one that most anyone could do.  So,  please don’t feel like you need to be in tip-top shape for this. Come as you are. Every moment of this walk is beautiful. 

Some hikes deserve lots of photos and only a few words. Ebey’s Landing is one of those. This hike along the bluff simply blew me away. A few friends had mentioned that it’s one of their favorites, but for some reason, I’d sort of brushed it off, since it’s not a “woodsy” hike, with a destination. It was so much better than I expected—mostly due to the wildflowers that are currently in bloom.

Here are a few tips for when you do this hike (more like a walk):

  1. Park at the Cemetery Road entrance and wander through the historical buildings on your way out to the trails. These buildings are incredible! Address is: 162 Cemetery Rd. Coupville
  2. Bring your kids, but be prepared to hold hands or possibly skip parts of the trail, if you have little guys. We joked a lot about putting our kids on leashes, if we ever brought them here. As you’ll see from the photos, there are some severe hills, so if you have little ones, maybe skip those sections or be prepared to really hang onto them. 
  3. Bring a picnic and stay awhile!  We took the trail to the south first. Winded down to the water and then had lunch before walking the beach back. 
  4. Sunscreen! If the sun is out, you’ll be in it your entire walk….one of the bonuses of not being in the woods.
  5. Arrive early, if you’d like to beat the crowds.  We started at 9:30am, which was perfect. When we were leaving around 1pm, it was getting busy. So come early, if you can!

And now some pictures from our walk at Ebey’s Landing:


DSC_0849 DSC_0857 DSC_0858 DSC_0870 DSC_0874 DSC_0876 DSC_0882 DSC_0887 DSC_0892 DSC_0895 DSC_0896 DSC_0908

What did you do this weekend? Have you been on any walks lately that you’d recommend?

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