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nutritionNutrition. It’s everything, isn’t it? We could take all the group fitness classes and hike all the mountains and we could still gain weight, if what’s going into our mouths isn’t good for us. We could  improve our heart health and increase our endurance by running daily, but if we came home and ate junk, we’d still see the scale go up. 

Everyone has their own struggle and their own battle. For me personally, it’s taking the time to prepare healthy food. I’m a go-go girl. A woman who doesn’t like to slow down to make a protein packed lunch, instead of grabbing something easy. I love healthy food, I think it tastes great, but it’s the time and the preparation that gets me- especially during the summer, when I’d rather play than cook.

Recently I tried out the Chef by Request meal delivery service. At Chef by Request they focus on providing you fresh, healthy, gourmet meal options with daily delivery right to your doorstep. They have Zone, Paleo, Vegetarian, Whole 30, Gourmet Everyday menu options and they also factor in allergies and dislikes. Truly, the customize your food to fit your unique needs!

DSC_0194The full day of meals was delivered to my door Sunday night a midnight, ready and waiting for me on Monday morning. After a full weekend, this day of perfectly portioned food was just what I needed to hit the “reset” button, as I entered a fresh, new week. 

I picked the “Paleo” menu and here’s what I ate: DSC_0196As a Mom of three kids, who generate plenty of dishes, it was such a treat to have my meals ready, without any dishes. I knew I was eating healthy and I didn’t have to think about it, plus there was no mess from preparation. 

For a day, I had a break from preparing food for myself and from time to time, I think we all deserve to be taken care of.DSC_0199

The people who sign up for Chef by Request do so for a variety of reasons that include:

  • To Lose Weight
  • Help with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Live Gluten-Free
  • Manage Celiac Disease
  • Convenient and Easy
  • A strong desire to just eat fresh, healthy, clean food
  • A strong desire to eat local


Maybe you’re going through an especially trying season and you’re seeing nutrition take the back seat or maybe you simply have a busy weekend ahead or you’re wanting to kick start a healthy eating plan and get back on track. No matter what your story is, healthy meals make life better.

food mattersChef by Request delivers ALL OVER Washington State and all around Portland and even better, they are offering all of you a 10% off coupon! Use HEALTHYMAMA10 promo code for 10% off of all orders!

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One thought on “Healthy Eating Made Easy with Chef by Request

  • Carleeh

    Got mine today!!! Really impressed with my menu interesting favors( I love that) nothing I make already ! I can totally see me ordering more! I like how much protein is in yours! Back to running so I may try and order with that as a request! I love that they have a few different plans to order from if I am switchin up my fitness routine!