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DSC_0043Whenever I share gorgeous photos in this space, of places I love visiting, there’s always something in me that feels the need to preface my post with a little disclaimer. I guess it’s because I feel like the most important things we as women can do is the stuff that happens at home, unnoticed and un-photographed. Climbing mountains and watching the sunset above the clouds? Yes, it’s spectacular. But reading on the couch, with your kiddos tucked all around you? Well, that’s really spectacular as well. For me, I need both. Of course, mountain top sunsets are more rare, but over the last 2 years, I’ve discovered how valuable a few hours away are.  I come back refreshed and thankful.

One thing I love about talking with women is discovering that we’re all more alike than we sometimes think. Rarely we’re completely alone in anything. As unique and incredibly created as we all are, somewhere out there, somebody deals with your same stuff.  And most likely, your days are often like mine–filled with kids needs, laundry, dishes, figuring out what’s for dinner and running kids from place to place. Sometimes, if you’re like me, you’re probably just about desperate for a few hours to just be you and not be needed by all the people, with all the needs. This hike I’m sharing today MUST be on  your list. It’s one of best I’ve ever done and I really mean that. 

After running it by my husband, I threw the idea of a sunset hike to Sauk Mountain, out there to our hiking group. Minutes later, I was giddy.  My people were IN. The next day we carpooled to the trail head, arriving at 6:30pm. The sun would set at 9pm, so hiking at a steady pace, taking pictures as we went, we climbed.

If you haven’t hiked Sauk Mountain, you NEED to do this, but be warned: the road is rough. I personally wouldn’t recommend anything with low clearance. For complete directions, go here.DSC_0085DSC_0002This trail is gorgeous the entire way up, with a beautiful view and wildflowers galore every step of the way. DSC_0009 DSC_0013DSC_0054 DSC_0024 Can you spot the parking lot down below?  This trail is easy to follow and completely open, switching back and forth over and over again, up the hillside.DSC_0027 DSC_0029As we reached the top, Mount Baker came into view and a few bits of snow still remained on the trail. The trail would’ve been hard to follow to the top, but one of the gals who was with us had recently done this hike and followed the WTA directions really carefully. When you do this hike, it would be a good idea to print the directions and have them in hand when you near the top.DSC_0039DSC_0065Sauk Lake became visible and we saw the trail that leads down to it, although we didn’t do it this time.DSC_0076We reached the top about 8pm. After eating and staying awhile, we started back down, just in time to watch the sun go down. 
DSC_0091This trail is open and while you head down, you’re facing west. It’s ideal for a sunset hike.DSC_0092DSC_0094As we reached the car, dark started to settle in and the moon was high in the sky. 

Check out that little outhouse. Isn’t it darling?
DSC_0096This hike. If you haven’t done it, you need to ASAP, preferably at sunset. Grab your husband, or your favorite hiking friends and go! 

Photos could never do Sauk mountain any justice. I’d done this hike before, but it was on a cloudy, rainy day. But last night… was clear, the temperature was perfect, wildflowers were everywhere and the trail was almost all ours. With the perfect group of friends and the right vehicle for this bumpy road, the experience was a complete 10. 

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