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IMG_5178 There’s something The Pioneer Woman, Glennon Melton from Momastery and I have in common. We all have sisters and we are ABOVE AVERAGE, OVER THE MOON CRAZY…..about our sisters. You’ll see Ree write about her sister Betsy often and dang- I love it because I SO get it. I am her. Well, not really, but sorta-kinda, NOT on a ranch, not homeschooling 4 kids, not cooking with lots of butter and bacon, but I am totally able to understand why she talks a lot about Betsy.

And Glennon…..Well, she calls her sister Her Lobster, because her sister is like her right arm and I GET that.

My baby sister is my best friend, my tell-all person and one of my greatest blessings. She’s written a few posts here (you should make her soup– she is a fabulous cook).  Today she’s 39 weeks with my 4th nephew, which means any day now, I’ll be rushing out to go support her when she goes into labor. 

I’ve been there for all 3 of her previous births and this gal was made to have babies. I get to be her photographer and I’m so excited to help welcome this VERY LOVED little boy into the world.

Today I’m sharing what’s in my hospital bag, although we are going to a birth center with a midwife, not the hospital. Leave an encouraging note for my sister below or share what you take with you, when you go support someone you love in labor!

  • Warm and comfy sweatshirt. I’ll be dressing in comfortable layers, probably yoga pants, a tank top, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. You never know how warm or cold a birth room might be! When you’re there to support someone, it’s time to be comfortable and feel like you can move around easily. 
  • Yummy smelling hand cream! Shea Butter Zesty Lime, by L’Occitane is a current LOVE.
  • Lime La Croix- no calories, no artificial anything and it’s just so good!
  • My notebook so I can take notes for my sister about her birth, and I can remember who I need to call etc.
  • Energy trail mix to share. Everyone at the birth will need protein for long lasting energy, without blood sugar crashes. Trail mix is high in calories, but for a birth, it’ll be great. 
  • Chap Stick, ‘cuz I’m obsessed. 
  • Gum. No one at a birth should have stinky breath.
  • Theo Dark Chocolate with Ginger. This is for everyone at the birth, including my sister. 
  • Phone charger! Can’t forget this.
  • My camera, since I get the privilege of being her birth photographer ( SO EXCITED).

Have you joined someone in welcoming their baby into the world? What did you bring with you?

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One thought on “What’s In My Hospital Bag

  • Brenda

    Sounds like you’ve got it all covered except for a slice of her famous sour dough loaf. : ) I look forward to meeting your sister some day. Congratulations as you tream up to support and love each other through this adventure of birth! One of the most lovely things I’ve witnessed is the bond that 2 of our daughters shared as one was the doula at the birth of the other’s precious daughter. : )